10 Best Met averse Conferences Not to Miss in 2022

10 Best Met averse Conferences Not to Miss in 2022
10 Best Met averse Conferences Not to Miss in 2022

Take a look at the top 10 Met averse conferences you shouldn’t miss in 2022.

Who can deny the fact that the Met averse is taking over the world? Every day, the Met averse opens up new opportunities for cooperation and interaction. The Met averse Conference aims to bring together all the technology and digital players from around the world. These meetings are a great way to learn about the latest trends and technologies. In that regard, let’s take a look at the top 10 Met averse conferences that cannot be overlooked in 2022.

Augmented Reality World Exposition

This met averse conference is essential if you want insights into virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and augmented reality (XR). Speakers such as Pearly Chen, John Recital, and Christopher Lafayette will be present at the conference to see what they are bringing back.

Coin desk consensus 2022

Coin desk Consensus 2022 is the only Met averse conference that introduces all aspects of blockchain, cryptography, Web3, and the Met averse. It will be held in Austin, Texas from June 9th to 12th. This event is worth a look.

Metaverse Global Congress

The Global Met averse Congress will take place June 28-29 in San Jose, California. At this Met averse conference, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about new possibilities such as virtual conference space, virtual and augmented reality training, digital goods, and virtual storefronts. How great is it?


MET AMS is another conference featuring keynotes, panels, keynotes, workshops, as well as immersive experiences and installations from over 100 ideological leaders, artists and brands that shape the space. Of course, you can imagine how useful the session is. Remember the date-June 14-17. Location: Amsterdam, Western Sisterliness, Tannhauser.

Passing 2022

Serigraph 2022 is an exciting conference in August where participants can learn about investing in this relatively new Met averse market and hear insights into collaboration and performance. The conference will be held in Vancouver, Canada. Please note that this met averse meeting is also available offline.

Met averse Expo

How about learning everything from the basics of the Met averse to how people will change the way they interact with each other in the coming years? That’s exactly what this Met averse conference has for you. It will be held in Seoul, South Korea from June 15th to 17th.

Fair xr

Augmented reality will play an important role in creating the met averse over the next few years. So it makes sense to attend the XR Fair. Here you will not only have the opportunity to interact with other disruptive competitors in your field, but also learn about technologies that can enhance your met averse.

European Blockchain Convention 2022

European Blockchain Convention 2022 is an interactive event with more than 100 speakers, workshops, chats and more than 1000 attendees in various disciplines. It will take place in June in Barcelona. You should definitely attend the event knowing that it is worth it.

Extended Business Summit

October 2022 will host one of the oldest events dedicated to XR business applications and other emerging technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, sensors and wearable devices. Industry experts discuss the metaverse, remote work, 3D content creation, immersive app marketing and sales.

Dive into the world summit

Immerse Global Summit is another innovative conference that brings companies together to explore virtual reality and augmented reality. In general, the participants will gain knowledge on various growth strategies, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, Web 3 and edge computing.

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