10 Facts Esposa de Trino Marin Maria

10 Facts Esposa de Trino Marin Maria
10 Facts Esposa de Trino Marin Maria

Trino Marin’s real name is Jose Trinidad Marin. Born in California, United States, on February 15, 1964. The public is familiar with Trino under his full name. Jose is part of the Christian Family. Additionally, they are part of an ancestral mix. However, prior to getting married Jenni Rivera (ex-wife), Jose Trinidad was a name that was not well-known to the general public. Jenni is a well-known name in the media due to her passion for music, songwriting and her singing skills.Esposa de Trino Marin Maria

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The couple prefers to keep their private lives secret after the course of a relationship. Therefore, there’s very little information online regarding the couple. Jose Trinidad had his first trouble with Jenni Rivera at the high academy, when she was just one year old.

Prior to forming a bond with Jenni Rivera Trino Marin was employed at an establishment in Mexico-American. His acting work was not the sole source of his income. Primarily, Jose is from Mexico. He also has American Mexican nationality. His parents raised the boy in Mexico before moving permanent to United States. The exact time of his move to America isn’t known.

Trino Marin: Wiki

  • Name: Jose Trinidad Marin
  • Birthday 15 February 1964. February 1964
  • Age 56 years old
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: American
  • The children: Jacquie campos, Michael Marin along with Chiquis Rivera.
  • The Divorce: One Time (Jenni Rivera)

After Jenni and Jose began to see each other they were both not working. Marin worked in various odd jobs to make ends meet his romance with Rivera. At the age of 22, older, Jose was hired as an executive director at the American Mexican Cafe. In the following years, he began making decent money.

10 Facts on Jos Trinidad Marn

  • Trino suggested to his wife to continue her education instead of remaining home all by herself. However, Rivera was happy and took the decision to dedicate time to her kids and her home. In the end, this small disagreement turned into a massive debate.
  • Jose Trinidad Marin is also well-known for his ex-husband, Jenni Rivera.
  • Born in 1964, he was a renowned singer and songwriter. Furthermore, he’s passed an age of 55. Additionally, he has was born on the 15th February every year.
  • The full details about Jose Trinidad Marin’s father, mommy and family members isn’t reported in the news media.
  • In his interview, he talks about his family. His ex-wife, who is also an American actor and singer. The couple first met at the high school, and they got married in 1984. Their family includes two daughters as well as one son.
  • Jose and Jenni were dissociated after learning the shocking truth that Jose had abused his son sexually Jacquie and Chiquie as well as their mother-in-law Rosie.
  • He’s currently in captivity due to he emotionally and physically abused his son and relatives-in-law.
  • It’s not a Wikipedia memoir that’s his personal. Jose Trinidad’s personal information regarding his information about his professional life isn’t on the web.
  • He has not spoken out any details about his education or his qualifications. When you consider his accomplishments it appears that he is an educated person.
  • The details of the net worth of Jose Trinidad aren’t available. The income information or the payment details are not made.
  • He’s American by birth. And he is a member of people of white descent.

In Trino’s interviews at 15 years old, the couple fell in love. Jenni Rivera. Jose Marin Trinidad proposes to Jenni (Dolores) Jenni at 20 and they got married after just a few months in 1984.

Furthermore that, at 17 years old, Jenni was pregnant with her first child. Rivera was still at the high school at the time she had her very first baby. The couple is blessed with three children. Their marriage was ended in 1992. Furthermore, there’s no news or information regarding the woman who was married to Jose Marin Trinidad. He rekindled his relationship with his new love within Riverside County.Esposa de Trino Marin Maria

Who is Jose Trinidad Marin’s mother?

In June 1985 the first wife of his, Janney Marin, became known as Chiquis. Four years have gone by since Jacqueline and in the same year, she divorced her with El, Procrearon and Trinidad Angelo.

Who did you raped? Chiquis?

At first, Farandula reporter Javier Ceriani was the one who announced Marin’s departure via Marin’s credit card and was the first to be dismissed in bankrupt Jenni Rivera.

Who is the father of Jenny Rivera’s homes?

Juan Rivera

 Who was the person who abused Jenny’s wife?

Jenni Rivera was harassed by Trino in the year 1992. In 1992 the song was performed by her husbands Janney Chiquis, and Jacqueline and their husband, Rosie Rivera, was sexually assaulted in the presence of Trino for a lengthy period of period of.

What was the reason Juan Jenni mumbled Rivera’s reason?

muri papi solo, as well as his alma mater remain six hours late at the Lancaster hospital. Rivera 40-year-old Lopez informs us the news that Lopez is crying on her own and she doesn’t have children in her hospital, and the hospital is comprised from media employees.

How do you feel about Jenni Rivera?

Chiquis Rivera

What is the age of Trino Marin?

It was during a performance that Trino physically assaulted his wife Chiquis when he was 10 after he assaulted his wife Rosie Rivera when she was seven years old.


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