10 keys to improve your sports performance


Sports performance is understood as the concept that refers to the relationship between the means used to achieve our goal and the result that is finally obtained. In our performance and in achieving our goals

Below we give you the keys to take into account to improve your nba중계 performance, analyzing the most important points of both aspects. Good nutrition is essential for good performance

Following a healthy and varied diet provides us with the necessary nutrients for proper sports performance

Eating foods high in carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, quinoa…)

will allow us to have full glycogen stores (glycogen is the way glucose is stored in the body), which will give us greater resistance.

It must be taken into account that an athlete suffers greater oxidative stress, so we must also choose nutritionally dense foods , those that contain a large amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants… such as legumes, vegetables, fish… And avoid “empty calories” foods that only provide calories and hardly have any nutrients (industrial pastries, soft drinks…)

During the competition , if it is long, we can choose to consume fruits such as bananas or easy-to-carry dried fruits such as raisins or dried apricots. We will avoid very greasy foods that hinder digestion such as sausages.

It is essential to make a good recovery to be able to continue with training and avoid injuries. After training or competition we should replenish with meals high in fast-absorbing carbohydrates and easily digestible protein. The amounts and types will depend on the sport practiced and the objective pursued.

The importance of good hydration

It is useless to eat well if there is no proper hydration. Dehydration greatly increases the risk of injury and decreases athletic performance. It is always necessary to hydrate before the start of the activity and in general, if the duration of the activity is greater than one hour, it should also be done during the practice of the activity.

Hydration not only includes water, but also salts that are lost with sweat , mainly sodium, must be replenished. On days with very high temperatures, this aspect is essential to avoid a drop in performance and a dangerous state such as hyponatremia.