25 websites that allow you to download all kinds of music for free and legally


Do you want to download good music of all kinds totally free, without spending a euro, in a safe environment? In these 25 legal online pages you have thousands of free songs to download or listen to.

Most of these songs can be downloaded for free because the objective of the platforms is to serve as a loudspeaker for young artists. You will sometimes find yourself with small conditions such as registering to the page or following the artist on YouTube.

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They say that nothing on the Internet is really free,

 that everything has a price. Although it is true that you should not trust certain pages that promise free things ( movies , series , books , music …), if you search well you will find respectable websites that offer totally free and legal entertainment.

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In this case, here are 25 great online web pages with music and songs that you can download in MP3 format completely free and lethal.

 What’s the catch ? Some of these websites collect mp3 song download from the public domain. But the vast majority are actually platforms that want to promote new or not so well-known artists. So they allow many of their songs to be downloaded for free, with a but .

In certain cases, the download is 100% free.

 At other times you must register or follow the artist. Only on very few occasions will the download of the song be paid, but you will be able to listen to it by streaming within the same page without problems, totally free. It is not the same as having them downloaded on the computer, but it is something.

Without further ado, here are the next pages that will occupy an important place in your browser bookmarks.

At Noise Trade you can download free music in MP3 format in exchange for registering on the page . The website asks you precisely for an email address so that bands, artists and musicians can promote their next tour or album. There is the hidden price of this site.

There are many famous artists. You will not find the singers that are in the top 100 of Spotify , but you will find bands or groups that surely sound familiar to you. And if not, you will discover many interesting new songs.