3D TV – The future of sports broadcasting


Late last year, BSkyB unveiled what could become an important part of the future of game advertising: the delivery of 3D game events. This method, which is currently under development, uses the normal Sky + box to create two different images needed to create a three-dimensional effect. Users see the screen only through a pair of 3D glasses.

Sky tested the technology in live sports programs,

 Including Ricky Hatton’s victory over Juan Lozano in the Liverpool Champions League against Marseille at Afield in November last year.3D technology has come into use in Hollywood, where many movies are made and produced in 3D. Many predicted that 3D HD TV was a logical step in the beginning of the commercials.

Despite being able to use existing satellite receivers,

 Users will be required to promote their images. However, manufacturers believe that the new 3D TV will cost no more than a standard HD-ready plasma. BSkyB’s 3D imaging system at its headquarters in Oesterle, London, currently sells for more than £ 2,000, but experts have predicted that technology prices will fall, especially if it is popular. The British broadcaster described “Sky + 3D” as a “vision for the future” as the company continued to develop the system, which require epl중계 Sky to adapt or upgrade its camera to 3D and life events.

“From our point of view, this is another step in our new strategy with Sky,

 Through HD, and now in 3D is our way of seeing what the future holds for us,” said BSkyB’s head of product, design and innovation. . Brian Lenz. “What we’re looking at today is the first thing we can do. We think we can do it at a good level, which makes it interesting to see if consumers have a passion for it.”

The implementation of 3D TV in viewers’ homes is obviously beyond years, but, as Sky has shown in experiments, in the near future it may become commonplace to watch your favorite TV in three parts from the comfort of a couch.