4 Advantages of Aluminium Casement Doors

aluminium casement doors
aluminium casement doors

Irrespective of whether it is an office or a home, the interiors definitely play a crucial role in giving the property a more elegant look and appeal. While many think that chic décor and classy furniture pieces are required to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the place, there are a few other things that can help you augment the true beauty of the property.

Usually, the fenestration of a building is something that plays a considerable role and amps up the visual appeal of the place. The doors and windows should match the elegance and architecture of the home décor in every sense. These are the few things that can help give a more cohesive look to the building.

Now, with the availability of various designs and materials, the choice of the right doors and window frames has become more and more challenging. But, one material that has always been preferred by homeowners is aluminum. The aluminum casement doors are now a popular choice for doors of many dwellers. These doors either come with fixed panels, or the panels are attached to the frame with hinges.

With the presence of leading housing product manufacturers such as TOSTEM INDIA, which are providing end-to-end solutions for casement doors, the task of making a choice has become a lot easier.

To ensure you make the best decision, here are the advantages of having aluminum casement doors as a part of your home or office:

Variety of Designs

There is a wide and interesting variety of designs available for aluminum casement doors. These doors can even be customized as per the taste and preferences of the individuals. The doors are available in a wide array of designs, sizes, and colors.

Fenestration products manufacturer TOSTEM INDIA has brought a magnificent collection of well-engineered aluminum casement doors of premium quality with patented TEXGUARD coating in different sizes, thus offering the choice to the users to select as per their preferences.

Suitability and Strength

Aluminum casement doors are known for their high strength-to-weight ratio that prevents them from dents and scratches even when they are exposed to harsh weather conditions. The tensile strength of aluminum makes these doors optimum from the point of view of privacy, security, personalization, and ergonomics.


The aluminum casement doors are considered an affordable option in comparison to other door types and materials. Thus, installing such doors helps in saving money initially as well as in the long run. Usually, even slight customization in the design can cost a lot which can add to the overall expenditure. But this is not the case with aluminum, as it can be customized quickly and easily.

Increased Ventilation

The casement doors open outwards and thus tend to provide superior ventilation and an excellent flow of air. Owing to the open sash, which acts as a flap, the casement doors funnel the fresh air into the house along with more light. Other than this, casement aluminum doors have wide glass panes with minimal frames that offer better views and increase sunlight inflow.


The aluminum casement doors are an ideal addition to commercial as well as residential projects and offer a high level of durability, performance, and appeal while at the same time it comes with a low maintenance tag.


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