5 Best Electric Shavers for Head in 2020 (REVIEWED)

10 Best Electric Shavers for Head in 2020 (REVIEWED)
10 Best Electric Shavers for Head in 2020 (REVIEWED)

To be able to shave your head in the best possible manner, it takes a great deal of time and experience to get comfortable moving a razor along your scalp. What’s more, it is quite difficult to see and reach the area even when you are in front of the mirrors.

To be precise, it is a bit difficult to get the perfect shave unless you have the right type of shaver for the task. For those who aren’t specifically coordinated, using a manual or straight razor can be horrible. On the other hand, as standard electric shavers would be jammed by long and thick hair, they aren’t the ideal one to be used to shave your head.

It is worth noting here that modern-day personal grooming has attained exhilarating heights because of the advent of technology. Nowadays, it is quite common to witness an endless choice of shaving products than ever before. Thus it is imperative to be selective as careful when you are opting for the best electric shaver for your head.

Finding the best electric shaver for head is quite crucial as you would use it time and again. Let’s take a look at some of the top electric head shavers you can avail nowadays.

1. Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Finale Finishing Tool

Are you planning to add a specialized hair cutting tool in your set? For precision cutting and getting correct trimming of the hair, this finishing tool can be the safest option. It enables close cuts and helps run your hands smoothly for cutting.

With extended battery life, it is perfect for professionals.  For smooth cutting finish and efficient work results, this is the one to invest for. The hypoallergenic foil sets this product apart from the rest as it is made from less reactive metal items. Installed with a rotary motor, it is powerful to use and soft on your skin. No wonder, considering all the qualities this tool has, we recommend it as the best electric razor for bald heads in 2020.


  • It has hypoallergenic foils making it perfect for a sensitive person to use
  • It does not result in skin irritation
  • It offers a long battery life of 90 minutes
  • It is a good option for professionals


  • Gold foils tend to get damaged when not used frequently

2. Skull Shaver Palm 3 Head Electric Razor

If you are planning to invest in a safe and easy-to-use electric razor, the above said can be the perfect pick in budget. For beginners, this is easy to clean with hypoallergenic blades that prevent skin irritation problems. Adding to reviews, the razor is installed with CR3 water resistant blades that enable using it both in wet and dry purposes with foam.

It is designed for comfortable usage and easy grip, making it perfect for beginners. Installed with a lithium-ion battery, it enables quick charge with facility of cordless use. Moreover, the LED indicator helps understand when the machine is plugged in and ready to be used when on shave mode.


  • It has solid construction and considered among quality device
  • Ease of accessibility coupled with comfort grip and water resistant body
  • A feature packed one for beginners


  • It has no extraordinary features

3. Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum PRO Electric Razor – Wet/Dry

Looking for an innovative option of electric razor? Well, the above said comes with tweaks and significant improvements. The changes have been in design and inclusion of technicalities. The flexible blades enable multi-directional shaving with easy grip to hold on. As the device is cordless, it can be used portably with a long lasting 90 minutes of battery in a single charge.

Coming to its design, it is an innovative and attractive one with quality Pitbull head shaver strong blades that offers durability. Interestingly, the device is suitable both for dry and wet saving as installed with a shock preventive mechanism. The special addition to the feature list includes cordless charging, excellent battery life, LED indicator indicating function modes, easy to work when plugged in and shave mode.


  • Has extremely sharp blades for precision of cut
  • Comes with ergonomic design
  • Easy control and powerful to use


  • Not a perfect pick for long hair

4. Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit, Beard Trimmer, Hair Clippers for Men

Not all electric razors have the right design and construction for ease of usage. Only when it fits your palm comfortably you can reach the back of your head and get the desired cut at home. This is what you can get when you buy the above said one. It gives the ultimate precision of cut, nothing less than a professional barber.

As it is less in weight with small sized yet efficient blades, it is wrapped in an attractive ergonomic design that fits well in the palm. It just requires a few sweeps to shave as installed with quality and fast cutting blades. Installed with adjusting combs of nine different lengths, you can get the perfect styling with the help of this razor.

So, when accessibility is priority over power, this would be your perfect pick as the best electric head shaver.


  • Handle has a rubber coating for a comfortable grip
  • It has an ergonomic and compact design
  • It has wide and stainless steel blades for easy cut
  • It offers a great cutting option


  • It requires frequent charging as battery life is less

5. Philips Norelco QC5580 Diy Hair Clipper and Balder

The combination of premium quality blades made from stainless steel and the sharpness gives precision of cut and shaving. If this is what you require and an easy hair shaving and cleaning solution at home, it is none other than the above said item. When looking for a versatile and easy to use shaving device with several features to use, this option offered by Philips is correct to invest for.

The innovative rotational head design makes it easy to reach the difficult areas at the back of your head. With some simple adjustments, you can get the ideal shape of the haircut. Move the blade in the appropriate position to get the desired trimming result. However, the adjustability and other features make it a versatile option and hassle-free when you have to tackle the long hair length.


  • Easy 180 rotational access offers easy cut
  • 14 different hair cutting lengths
  • Perfect for shaving on hair and face


  • It is not easy to get a smooth finish


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