5 Houseplants With Health Benefits

5 Houseplants With Health Benefits
5 Houseplants With Health Benefits

Easy to maintain and an easy method to add natural beauty to your house, it’s not a surprise that the popularity of the New York Fern plant is back popular. They’re not just about appearance though, as houseplants are a potent source of energy in terms of health benefits as well. From the healing power from plants to the healing properties of Aloe Vera plants to purifying effects on the air that are The Peace Lily, here’s our guide to the five best plants that will not just provide a sense of calm to your home, but also make breathing easier.

Health benefits of ALOE VERA

Aloe vera plants are an elegant and useful addition to your home. This succulent plant is able to cleanse and cleanses the atmosphere of formaldehyde as well as benzene, two chemical compounds frequently found in household cleaners – and also offers amazing healing properties as well. The gel contained in the leaves is brimming with vitamins and is naturally antibacterial, making it a great treatment for minor burns and minor cuts like sunburn. There is evidence to suggest that aloe vera gel could help alleviate dry skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. To benefit from the healing properties of this plant, simply take a leaf and open it and rub the inner leaves on the area affected for immediate relief.

Care Tips: It is important to know that the Aloe Vera plant is a fan of the sun, so put it on the windowsill of your kitchen so that it can not just soak up the sunlight, but also be there to help soothe any kitchen burns.


It’s also known as the Snake Plant or Mother-In-Law’s Tongue However, don’t let that deter you – the Sansevieria plant is one of the top plants to improve the air quality within the home. Actually, experts at NASA have discovered this plant with a yellow tip to be very effective in getting rid of harmful toxic substances that build up naturally within your home. Another well-known advantage for the serpent plant is the release of oxygen in night, allowing you to breathe better. Install one in your bedroom to get an improved night’s rest.

Care Tips: A snake plant is extremely tough and can live with ease in the absence of. Though it prefers plenty of bright sunlight, it can take a lot of light over long periods. Make sure that you don’t overwater the plant because the roots could turn brown if the soil is too wet for too long.


A robust spider plant is a great option for those who are brand new to indoor plants. It’s low-maintenance, simple to maintain, and is able to quietly combat the most common environmental toxins, including carbon monoxide, xylene, and carbon dioxide. If your pet is a part of the household and pets, the Spider Plant is ideal as it’s one of the few plants that are safe for animals. Introduce a few to your home and experience the health benefits that come from it.

Care tips: Plants like spiders are the most simple houseplants to maintain which makes them ideal for those who are new or have a hard time keeping them. They love the bright sunlight, but they won’t thrive in direct sunlight. Be careful to not overwater.


With its abundant green leaves, The Boston Fern is thought to be among the top Fern Plants for purifying the air in your home. The evergreen plant aids in the elimination of harmful toxins but also improves humidity by helping restore moisture to the air as well. Due to its air purifying properties, The Boston Fern is said to provide the health benefits of a real plant to those suffering from dry skin or dry throats and noses. They look stunning when displayed around the house hanging from macrame hangers.

Care Tips: Boston Fern is fairly easy to take care of, however, they must be damp. Mist frequently and place in a cool, dark location of direct sunlight.

Health benefits of the PEACE LILY

The beautiful flowering of Peace Lily makes this a beautiful plant for your home. This isn’t solely about appearance, however. Peace Lilies have been proven to fight harmful household chemicals such as benzene which is a recognized carcinogen. Peace Lilies are also extremely effective at removing mold. Peace Lily is also highly efficient in removing mold spores out of the air. To reap the full benefits, install it in a bathroom or kitchen.

Care Tip: Plant Peace lilies in a shaded place and make sure the soil is damp without excessively watering.


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