5 most common types of equipment or devices you will see in the industries

Material Handling Equipment

Sure enough within the industries today we will different types of equipment. Most of these are operated daily for carrying out the operations. Simply, said that without these items for material handling you will not be able to carry out any intended task as a part of your manufacturing process in the industries.

In this article, we will take a look at 5 of the most amazing and common types of equipment that you need in the industries.

Let’s begin…


Material handling without a trolley is pretty much impossible. It is going to make things so much more difficult. Think about those large vessels, tanks, or cartons, or any other heavy machine parts or items that have to be carried. Manual operation increases the chances of injuries to the industrial laborers by several folds. Depending on the type of industry you are in and the type of load you have to carry you can have a range of trolleys. For example, the platform trolleys come with a flatbed and are ideal for warehouses. Multitier trolleys can carry multiple small to medium weight objects all together at the same time, while office trolleys are used for the front offices and are ideal for transporting lightweight items.

Lifting equipment

There will be many occasions when you need to uplift or air hoist equipment or a load item. Lifting them manually isn’t possible just because of the sheer weight of the load items. And this is where the use of lifting equipment comes in so handy.

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Again you are bombarded with a range of choices for material handling load-lifting equipment. Some of the examples include flat slings, chain slings, round slings, chains, and lever blocks, girder trolleys and clamps, powered hoists, lifting shackles, nuts and bolts, lifting chains, cranes, and balancers, forklift attachments, and so on. you have an immense variety of choices. The most important thing while buying them is to consider the weight lifting capability of such items.

Safety equipment in industries

There are many times where you will find the use of safety equipment for material handling. Of course in the industries, there are so many types of material handling equipment to see. Some of the most common ones include the use of convex mirrors in tight alleys or driveways or exits in warehouses, traffic managing bollards for paving the driveways for entry and exit of vehicles across non-intersecting paths, portable barriers that are used for restricted access to some of the areas., spill kits, dangerous goods storage cabinets for storing items like LPG cylinders, nitrogen tanks, and other items, anti-slipping mats, safety signage and labels that can help you with showing signs of danger and are pasted on walls of cylinders, vessels or even doors, ratchet and safety straps that can help you to bind the load material fixed to one place.

Ladders As an industrial load handling equipment

Almost any industry will need a basic item for material handling that ladders. Industrial ladders are a bit different than the ones you commonly use at home as they have several upgradable and safety features installed on them when you look closely. Again there are numerous choice options for the industry owners such as order picking ladders, platform ladders, fiberglass ladders, step ladders, extendable ladders, folding ladders, work platforms, and team benches.

Plastic crates and bins

These are some of the most commonly used material handling equipment for mostly storage. Whether it is any unwanted waste material or trash or any intermediary or finished item both solid and liquid these are ideal for storage avenues. Some of the common examples include stacking crates, nesting crates, ventilated crates, plastic buckets, folding crates, plastic storage containers, and so on. 

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