5 Reasons That Make Houston a Great Place to Live

5 Reasons That Make Houston a Great Place to Live
5 Reasons That Make Houston a Great Place to Live

Houston is an amazing city that’s full of excitement, good food, and affordability.  If you’re ready to make a change in your life and want to move somewhere new: this should be the city you consider.

These are the top five reasons Houston is an amazing area to live in.

Just a Couple of Hours From the Beach

A nice thing many don’t realize is Houston is just a couple of hours from the beach!  Galveston is an incredible island that offers a tropical getaway whenever you want it.  Not only is this an inexpensive vacation city, but it’s beautiful with fun exhibits like the Moody Gardens Amusement Park and the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier.  You’ll plan your vacations around how much fun you can have in Galveston.

Easy Winters With No Snow

If you’re worried about snow, that’s not a problem in Houston!  Although the entire state had to deal with snow in February of 2021: Houston generally doesn’t get more than a couple of snowflakes in the winter.  This can be a dream for anyone who’s from the north and sick of dealing with multiple feet of snow every winter.If you want to spend some time with your family here, you can book one of the luxury villas for your stay.  

The summer gets hot, though, staying above 90 degrees for weeks at a time, so if you’re not ready to deal with hot summers- you’ll need to make sure you have the budget to boost your AC for that long. 

Some of the Best Food in the Country

If you’re ready for an incredible food experience: it’s time to head to Houston.  Not only does this city have a large variety of different restaurants, but you’ll also find the best food you’ve ever tasted at almost any of them.  

From The Chef’s Table, a fine dining experience that offers everything from mimosa flights to creme brulee, to Toya’s Kitchen, that’s offering a taste of comfort food and love in every bite, you’ll love the food here.  Of course, it’s not Texas without barbecue and TexMex: and you can find these ribboned throughout the city in incredible restaurants as well. 

Comfortable and Affordable Living

Houston is one of the most affordable cities out there, which surprises a lot of people since it’s the fourth most populated city in the country.  Houston apartments for rent are generally less than $1,200 for a two-bedroom, which is a lot lower than what you’ll see in areas like New York City or Seattle.  Beyond that, these spaces are generally large, with a balcony almost guaranteed throughout most of the city. 

Incredible Nightlife for Everyone

The nightlife in Houston is legendary!  Rated the top nightlife city multiple times over, Houston takes partying seriously, allowing you to cut loose and have fun regardless of how stressful the workweek was.  Whether that means going to a club or drinking at a gorgeous bar, you’ll fall in love with the weekends all over again in Houston.  This city isn’t very pedestrian-friendly, so make sure to set an Uber budget for any night out drinking so you can get back home safely.   

You’ll Fall in Love With This City in No Time.

Houston has a lot of heart and is an incredible city for anyone to live in.  Its personality, incredible nightlife, and wonderful restaurants will make you fall in love with it in no time. 


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