7 Best Online Shopping Sites for Cheap Gadgets



Pakistan is slowly getting more into online shopping. Hundreds of retailers are selling their goods online, including mobile phones, clothing and appliances. With the increased use of Smartphone and growing internet penetration, online shopping customers are changing fast.

Although there are 25% of internet users in Pakistan, that’s still quite low compared to developed countries. Nevertheless, State Bank predicts an increase of 2 times in e-commerce in the last few months, so this trend should grow even more in the years to come.

Some leading online marketplaces like and OLX have allowed individual sellers to sell to customers who shop online in Pakistan. With so many new online stores opening in Pakistan every month, here’s a list of the best.


Daraz is one of the most popular online shopping sites in Pakistan. Alibaba has just bought it, so it must be a whole marketplace now. 30,000 sellers offer thousands of products. From mobile phones, home appliances, toys & kids products, fashion accessories, and so much more. Daraz is known for its online sales and discount offers where people can buy stuff at a reduced price. As well as that, all the major brands have their own Daraz stores, so you can buy reliable products online. ‘Cause of its popularity, at least 60% of visitors access it directly from the web.

Pinpack mobile e-commerce site works so well because it’s so easy to buy. There are so few steps to buy a product online, so the customer experience is better. The search bar is so prominent and all buttons are easy to tap.

Pinpack not only sells mobile phones online in Pakistan but also tells you what specifications each one has. You can read about the mobiles and buy the one you think is right for you from the website. You can pay through your preferred method and get your order within a week. As well as that, they offer features such as cash on delivery and express shipping.


Recently launched by WBM(Pvt) Ltd, it’s a brand for tons of consumer goods that are mostly sold through Amazon USA. Currently, it’s selling 600+ products that can be bought on You’ll also find a lot of imported products from popular brands. The best thing about this online shopping site is that it sells authentic stuff. These products are mostly imported directly from abroad.

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 If you’re worried that you’re not buying genuine stuff in Pakistan, you can trust this online store.

As the store is relatively new in Pakistan, they offer a lot of deals and discounts there. For example, you can save up to 50% with 7 PM deals with an additional 10% discount on all mobile app purchases. Currently, this online shopping website only offers its own brands and imported products, but it may offer third-party sellers and brands the chance to sell on the site.


Best Buy Mall is a growing online shopping mall in Pakistan that lets you shop from home without any hassle. is also a hyperlocal e-commerce platform that connects sellers across the country with millions of customers. With Best Buy Mall, businesses can get last-mile delivery services for products such as apparel, electronics, food, personal care, grocery, fruits, vegetables, meat, bakery, medicines, and grocery items from their nearby stores. The hyperlocal marketplace in Pakistan is the best place to shop online in Pakistan. Most people find Best Buy Mall through social media and Google. The Best Buy Mall also has an online shopping app on the Apple and Google Play Stores.

Shopon is one of the hottest online marketplaces for fashion, gadgets, cameras, lenses, smartwatches, mobile phones, gaming consoles, and earbuds. If you love brands, you can shop for your favorite brand there. With a vision to lead Pakistan’s e-commerce industry, Shopon brings you the best products at discounted prices. The best part is that you can get everything at a discount. Open 24/7, this e-commerce store will deliver quality products to your door. Ready to order?

Telemart is one of the top 5 e-commerce companies in Pakistan because it’s been doing it for 27 years and has a great customer service team. They started out selling mobile phones and electronics, but now they sell healthcare products, women’s clothes, kids’ clothes, and more. Customers keep coming back to them for their necessities because they provide value. There are more than 150,000 products in their store, it’s the only gold-plated brand in Pakistan. Also, they offer a discount card/app to make shopping easier.


Shophive is one of the oldest online shopping sites in Pakistan offering a range of products ranging from cell phones to home appliances. They have a section for corporate clients that helps business owners with procurement needs. If you buy in bulk from them, you’ll get great discounts. To build a lasting relationship with customers, they want to provide a valuable experience. If you’re looking for online shopping in Lahore, Karachi, or anywhere in Pakistan, shophive is a must-visit eCommerce site.


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