7 Tips to Make your Cabinets Expensive and Glam

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Kitchens are the most used area of your home nowadays. Why not make it a nice and glamorous space to enjoy spending time there? 

When it comes to designing a room, especially a kitchen, a market is full of ideas and inspirations. Following today’s trend, the contemporary design kitchen is designed to be more functional and aesthetically pleasing. The placement of each element matters a lot such as cabinet design and their placements. 

Most homeowners require a lot of storage space in the kitchen, that is why cabinets are of utmost importance. If you are about to design your new kitchen or looking for remodeling, here are some great quick tips you can consider to make your kitchen look expensive and glamorous with Schrock cabinets at the same time. 

Table of content

  1. Create a perfect balance for your kitchen cupboards
  2. Keep everything to the minimum
  3. Opt for drawers for more accessibility
  4. Choose between plain Vs frosted glass doors
  5. Choose mirror glass doors for upper cabinets
  6. Mix some metals into the hardware
  7. Consider open shelving for a great display

Create a perfect balance for your kitchen cupboards

A quality kitchen must have a perfectly balanced cabinet range and open shelves designed specifically to maintain the functionality of the kitchen. When choosing your kitchen cupboards, make sure to keep the layout of your kitchen in mind. Do not overdo your kitchen with an unbalanced cabinets scheme. Choose your upper cabinets and base cabinets wisely. Usually, upper cabinets are used to store small, decent, and low weighted items such as unique crockery, glassware, and spices. 

Also, ensure to choose a light color finish for your upper cabinets while creating a beautiful contrast with dark finish base cabinets.  

Keep everything to the minimum

Undoubtedly, keeping everything simple and minimal gives a great feeling of elegance. Having fewer cabinets on walls can create a streamlined look for your kitchen. Also, you will have much open space to feel airy and uncluttered. Open shelving is also a great approach to add a touch of personality and let you showcase your favorite antiques.,

Opt for drawers for more accessibility

Having an expensive and attractive kitchen does not mean compromising functionality. Opting for a drawer rather than filling your space with box cabinets is a productive approach. Specifically for the base cabinets, you can get more storage accessibility with plenty of drawers. With the beautiful and sleek design of the drawers, pull out drawers and view all of the items.

Choose between plain Vs frosted glass doors

To add a beautiful and glam touch to your new cupboards, choose between plain doors and frosted glass doors. You can surely go for the glass doors for your upper cabinets to elegantly present your beautiful crockery. Using a frosted glass door gives your kitchen a lighter feel with a beautiful display.  Installing lights under your frosted glass door cabinets will also illuminate your cabinets. However, frosted glass is also a great alternative for additional storage. 

Choose mirror glass doors for upper cabinets

Add another amazing flair of an emerging trend to your cabinets by introducing mirror glass to your upper cabinets. Mirrors are the perfect element to make a small space look wider. If you have a small kitchen, you can surely incorporate mirror door cabinets. You can incorporate the glass door to your pantry shelving to maintain the balance. This blends the essence of luxury and decency into your kitchen. 

Mix some metals into the hardware

To make your kitchen cupboards look more elegant and gorgeous, focus on the hardware. Nothing can work better than a sleek metal handle on a shiny black finish. Allow yourself to incorporate metals such as mixing stainless steel with brushed brass fixtures. This will give a feel of customization.

Consider open shelving for a great display

Open shelving is a great concept to incorporate, especially when you have a great collection of crockery to display. By going with having open shelves in your kitchen, you will add a touch to your personality. Achieve the gorgeous look of your kitchen by keeping everything minimalist and simple. This will create a focus on your open shelving. You can also get a customized and flexible open shelf that perfectly fits the layout of your kitchen. There are 5 Ways to Save Your Cabinets from Humidification


To make your kitchen look expensive, you do not need to rely on color combinations and other features in the kitchen to create a unique look. Create a perfect balance of Schrock cabinets and keep things minimal to get an elegant look. You can also choose between having more drawers or box cabinets with decent door style. The kitchen cabinet style can be mixed and matched within the kitchen to create a distinctive and customized appearance. The above-discussed guide will help you make your kitchen luxurious and gorgeous. 

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