A Glimpse Into The Future Of Live Events


Perhaps some of the imposed changes in the ways of producing and consuming live broadcasts will lead to a permanent transformation of the industry. One thing is clear: as long as there is uncertainty about the continuation of live events, distributors and sponsors will not only try to recover some of the losses they have suffered, but will be less willing to risk high bidding for exclusive rights or sponsorship contracts for major sporting events. Contracts between rights owners, providers, sponsors and consumers will also take more account of the conditions for these scenarios in the future.

As for consumers, the demand to watch the biggest sporting events of the year is obvious. But signing up for different subscription platforms is not a model that works for most consumers, and is driving many of them to pirated content. Although it is almost impossible to offer all live content on a single platform, more flexibility in the subscription packages offered by providers would offer greater appeal to different audiences, from casual viewers to super fans and sports enthusiasts. A single offer does not work with everyone.

Accelerating the use of technology in nba중계 sports broadcasting, implementing interactive content that engages fans, greater accessibility from home including “watch together” services (introduced by BT Sport and Eleven Sports) and improving camera shots and sound they are powerful solutions that would differentiate official channels from those that broadcast illegal content, and reverse the growth of piracy.

The irrefutable need to protect live content has been on the agenda of the largest live sports providers for years, but those who have launched OTT platforms must prioritize Kktv01, making it a key element of their business strategies. This is especially important now that more and more consumers are opting for OTT services. Distributors of all kinds and sizes may be competing for content and market share, but a joint approach in the fight against piracy is essential to safeguard the future of live sports broadcasting.

Internal changes were also required

As providers restructured their teams, prioritizing the health of employees, while continuing to offer their services to subscribers. Managing consumer expectations, including content, and reducing or canceling subscription payments were some of the actions taken. Switching to telecommuting while maintaining high-level service was, in many cases, the biggest challenge of all. The first suggestions of a list of games that would complete the 2019/2020 season were a light at the end of the tunnel, both for suppliers and sports fans.

From the clubs’ perspective, most continued to pay a substantial operating cost despite a significant drop in revenue due to lost ticket and merchandise sales. Some of the highest-paid players took a temporary pay cut, while numerous employees suffered furloughs. The question is: how long can clubs, big and small, around the world survive under these circumstances, especially those in the lower divisions?