A Guide To Choosing The Right Displays Fit For Your Business


If you have your eye on the latest in interactive floor displays, then this blog is for you. Learn about the different types of floor displays, where they’re typically used, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and how to choose the best one for your business!

Factors to consider when choosing interactive floor LED displays

When choosing interactive floor LED displays, there are a few factors that should be considered. Size of the space, number of people expected to visit the space, and others such as complexity of the content that will be displayed on the screen should all be taken into consideration when picking out the best interactive floor LED displays for your business.

Types of interfaces

Different types of interfaces are available. A computer interface is the simplest type of interface. It is a tactile interface that typically includes a keyboard and mouse. In contrast, an interactive display offers audio feedback and motion tracking in addition to visual feedback such as images or video projected on the floor.

Where to buy an interactive floor LED display?

The first step to purchasing the right interactive floor LED displays for your business is to understand where you will be using them. There are many different places that an interactive floor display can be used; from a front desk, to a conference room, to a lobby. This also helps you decide what size display should be purchased. The second factor is the purpose of the display. If your business is hoping to use the displays for timeshare presentations, then it would make sense to purchase smaller displays with limited features. If your business plans on displaying educational information, then larger displays with more features may be better suited for your needs.


The HD interactive floor LED displays are a valuable addition to any business. With the introduction of the technology, MileStrong is able to provide an enhanced and entertaining experience for their customers.