A meeting with the spirit of justice,

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Second, there is competition for justice and equality instead of betrayal and violence. In Spain and Europe, sport is, in short, the activity of free people; For this reason, in a unique way, the moral background of the overall values ​​and attitudes of the society is assumed in the professional, highly competitive sports frameworks of the sport.

Value education in this area, especially as a philosopher of Olympic life – is a personal example of how young athletes and society as a whole are valued and influenced. The possibilities of the game are at its creative level: not only because of its playful and engaging nature, but also because of the level of vital experience experienced by its practicing characters. At the same time they strengthen their interrelationships and create love in the game. , Feelings, emotions, identities, much easier than any other article.

For these reasons, sports training is an educational resource,

 It creates an unusually appropriate learning environment to develop mental, influential, dynamic and moral skills, and enables young people to transfer what they have learned in the game to other areas. In everyday life, these proven measures make it a particularly useful educational tool for dealing with annoying incidents and threats from society. The existence of vandalism and gangsterism among the youth; Increasing racial and foreign attitudes and attitudes; Education and school failure; Alcohol and drug use; Or life-threatening obesity and growth at a young age.

The Europeans fired for ending communism

Violence in sports is based on the belief that one is a citizen, that is, everyone involved is obliged to contribute, their ability, the stadium, the sports field. In addition, the areas of external physical activity are open, safe, comprehensive and unobstructed. A gathering place for professional athletes, amateur spectators, managers and other agents of the Spanish sport, who respect the principles of sports ethics and the rights of people to diversity and diversity.

One caste, religion, political belief and ethnic group cannot be considered as another.

 In this regard, what happens in the game should reflect the values ​​that underlie our democratic collective existence. The great success of Sportess as a social phenomenon makes it possible to multiply its dimensions as a very effective factor for integration. 무료스포츠중계 is a universal language that is considered in all languages, thus becoming a powerful component of inter-cultural integration in multi-ethnic listening, supporting the development of a multifaceted and holistic identity, which is often complex and intricate listening. It strengthens unity and social survival. General Conversation Chat Room