A simple guideline for the wireless installation method

A simple guideline for the wireless installation method
A simple guideline for the wireless installation method

Canon MG3600 is a multifunctional printer, which is recognized for its high speed and quality of print. The canon printer supports wireless printing that means you can print prints from your computer or mobile phone without having to use cables. Printing can be wirelessly done through Canon or by using Bluetooth/WiFi or network printing.

Unboxing Process for Canon MG3600 Wireless Printer

  • Set your box flat on the surface. take off the plastic seal
  • Then, open the box and look for the printer
  • Remove the cartridges
  • Look for USB cables as well as power cords and the driver CDs of the Canon printer
  • Get rid of all the plastic on your printer
  • Remove the tapes, protective clips, and tapes from your cartridge
  • Connect the printer to a power source (wall outlet) with a power cord
  • Switch on the printer and then insert the cartridge in the printer.

Canon Driver for your printer on your personal computer

When you’re using wireless prints or using an Ethernet cable, you’ll need the printer driver installed for your computer. The driver talks to the printer and relays the command.

Utilize the driver CD you receive with the printer to install the driver. Put the CD into the drive for discs on your PC and copy the configuration. When you insert the CD, you’ll be presented with a run box in your display.

Click the Confirm button, and the setup will start checking the compatibility. Then click the Run button and the setup will begin installing on your PC. However, today the majority of computers don’t come with disc drives. In this situation, you must download the driver for your printer from the internet.

On the Canon site, look for the driver drivers for the model of your printer. Before you click”download, be sure that you download drivers for your printer model.

Then, download the printer driver to your device. Select the setup option and it will scan for resources. You must wait until the driver has completed the installation procedure and it will connect to your PC.

Canon MG3600 Printer Machine Wireless Setup

After you have installed the driver it is easy to connect the printer to your computer wirelessly. Before connecting the printer, be sure that you have a physical WPS pin in the router (access point).

Verify that the computer is linked to an access point, or it isn’t. Your computer (or phone) must connect to that access point. These are the steps for creating a WPS configuration for the printer you have installed with your Canon printer:

  • On your printer Press the Menu button three times.
  • The page for device settings will show
  • Utilize the Arrow keys to select the LAN settings
  • Press OK to confirm the selection.
  • The printer’s LAN settings screen will show
  • Click the arrow keys, and select WLAN.
  • Click OK.
  • Then press the arrow key to select the Wireless LAN active option and hit the OK button
  • The printer’s LAN settings will appear on your screen
  • The Wi-Fi light of your printer will light blue
  • Once again, use the arrow keys to select Wireless LAN settings
  • Click on the WPS icon and click the OK button.
  • Go to Push Button Method and click OK.

Then hold the WPS button for approximately 4 to 5 seconds, then press”OK. A WPS message will be displayed on the screen. Then hit the OK button.

After you’ve completed after completing the Canon MG3600 wireless setup After that, you can issue your print commands. Start a document, and then your computer, and then give print command. The print wizard will be shown and you can make adjustments to the layout and so on.

Click the Confirm button, and your Canon printer will begin printing the document.

Canon Printer PIN Code Setting

It is also possible to utilize the PIN code in place of pressing the push button. After you have set the WPS settings, use the arrow keys to go to the option for PIN codes.

Follow the instructions on the screen, and then the LAN Settings Print the LAN details page. The light will start blinking as it searches for the access point.

The LED will cease to blink and turn into a steady-state once the printer is hooked up to an access point. After connecting, you are able to issue a print command from any device that shares the network.

Printing Printouts from mobile devices

Canon can also allow users to print prints directly from phones. You can use either the USB cable or obtain printouts via wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Start your Bluetooth of your device as well as your Canon printer. On your phone, open Bluetooth accessible devices. On the left side, choose Canon printer. Open the document you’d like to print on your smartphone.

Click on the Menu button and click the print option. In the listing of devices that are available choose the Canon printer. Then, click Print. You will receive the printout via your Canon device right away.

If you’re facing any issues while setting up your Canon printer, then contact the Canon technical team for assistance.


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