A variant of American football: flag football


A sport that is almost two decades old internationally with the greatest reach of representative countries when it comes to the oval ball despite efforts to bring American football to more places, it is impossible to create a product like we see it on Sundays in the NFL .

The Flag has consolidated world championships for Mexico in the women’s branch, to the extent that the rules of the International Federation of American Football, the IFAF, changed to avoid pitches as was done in the Cochiti to give way to a format as practiced American football without lines, the famous skeleton.

Mexico won two medals in the World Cup held in Israel,

 Losing the final in both branches against the United States with teams that have maintained a base of work for several years in charge of the Mexican American Football Federation, which today is chaired by César Barrera.

The women’s team has won this tournament three times and fought for a medal in 8 of the 10 World Cups held, that tells you about an international power among more than 20 countries that usually compete in this type of competition.

In the men’s branch, progress is more recent, in which until the 2012 World Cup in Sweden, Mexico fought for its first medal and won its first medals with silver in Italy 2014 and bronze in the United States 2016.

Today Mexico achieves its best combined result,

 Winning 2 silver medals in an event that also represented a selection to appear next year at the World Games, which will be a test for the new 해외축구중계 that can be added to the Olympic repertoire for Los Angeles 2028.

Mexican women are the best in the world historically

 despite the drought of gold in the last world championships, generations with a tour of four world championships such as what Diana Flores, Silvia Contreras has done and even the projection on television events such as that of Valery Carranza and the athletic ability of Rebeca Landa, who is part of ESPN’s talent, shows that Tochito is a complementary sport for the highest demands.

Players like Said “La Joya” Salazar, “El Comandante” Diego Pérez Arvizu, Guillermo Villalobos who were stars in the ONEFA Major League and continue their professional career in the LFA or even in the CFL, as well as young people who specialized in the Flag like Victor Balderramos or Jorge Olivera have shown that both roots allow you to have players of a high competitive level.

Today Mexico remains one of the powers of Flag Football and that with the right process to continue developing athletes, we will be on a par with the United States to compete in this sport that has the projection to be Olympic and I guarantee that when that happens, Mexico will have medals in Olympic Games.