Access and Unblock Orkut, Myspace websites using Powerscrap



There are many proxy sites for Orkut which gives access to orkut profiles and  community pages, but sometimes these proxy sites can expire very soon. When proxies are expired, you can no longer access So here is a free way to unblock not only Orkut but also Myspace and hi5 social networking websites. If Orkut is banned in your college, school or office then Power scrap can help you unblock them!

Access and Unblock Orkut, Myspace websites using Powerscrap

Unblocking Orkut website

Visit Powerscrap and login using your orkut login details. Then you will be able to access your profile, scraps your friends. Similar you can login to MySpace and Hi5 unblock. Apart from unblocking Orkut Powerscrap also lets you:

Listen to Mp3 music songs

Powerscrap has a unique toolbar at the top of your profile page that gives you an option to listen to music while browsing orkut! You can also add songs on your profile or send URL of any songs to your friends.

Send multiple scrap to friends

You can choose any number of friends and send the same scrap/message in bulk. You can send animated graphics, 3D text or any glittering graphics or greetings through scraps. You can also attach images and videos in your scraps.

Change the orkut theme color

Currently there are 3 latest different themes for orkut on Power scrap but you can change the color of the theme in one-click. Note that the change in profile theme will be seen only on your computer system — your friends would be able to see them!You might also like:  How to Repair Corrupted Word Document .DOC File For Free, Instantly!

Easy Profile navigation

Just hover over your friends avatar and you can send scrap, see albums or videos easily. The simplified navigation helps in sending messages quickly and checking the updates of friends is a piece of cake.

Multiple Orkut login & Group friends

If you have more then one orkut account then you can switch to multiple orkut accounts using Power scrap. You can also group friends and send them multiple scraps!SHARETWEET

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