Advice And Recommendations For The Use And Maintenance Of The Lawnmower


If you have been evaluating buying a lawnmower for some time and you already have it with you, one of the first questions that arise is “What should we do to always keep it in perfect condition?”

With these tips below, you will be able to enjoy your lawnmower for many years, without damage and with the same results as the first day.

Tips and safety measures when using a lawn mower

  • Use the machine only for its designed purpose. Any other use can cause damage to the equipment, and represent a risk to the operator.
  • Children should be prevented from playing with the appliance.
  • You must carefully read the instructions for use, to know the machine and its components.
  • The use of hearing protection is recommended when using the device.

Suggestions for electric lawn mowers

  • Do not use the equipment in the rain or in a humid environment.
  • If the equipment generates vibrations, give it a rest period.
  • Replace the power cable at the slightest damage.

Suggestions for gas lawn mowers

  • Be sure to add fuel to the machine before starting work.
  • Taking into account that the fuel is highly flammable, it must be stored in containers for this purpose.
  • In the event of a fuel spill, avoid starting the machine’s engine until all gases are dissipated.

Use tips

  • While using the machine, wear closed shoes and long pants.
  • Check the area to be worked and remove wires, stones and any other object that could interrupt the path of the mower.
  • Before each use, check the blades and their bolts for wear or damage. If so, they should be replaced.
  • Avoid working on wet grass.
  • It is not recommended to work on steep slopes.
  • Keep hands or feet away from rotating parts of mower.
  • Keep people and animals away from the work area.
  • Wear eye protection with side shield and hearing protection.
  • Stop the engine before crossing gravel roads, paths or trails.
  • In the event of striking a foreign object during use, immediately inspect the appliance for damage and make repairs as necessary.

Recommendations for electric lawnmowers

1- Make sure to use only the appropriate power cables, no longer than 45m, and that are indicated for outdoor use.

2-Power the device with a means of an appropriate current device.

3- Unwind the cables before using them.

4- Adjust the cutting height with the engine off and the power cable disconnected.

5- Keep the power cable away from the blades of the appliance.

Recommendations for gasoline lawnmowers

1- When performing any inspection of the equipment or refueling, turn off the engine and disconnect the spark plug cable

2- Do not start the engine in closed spaces.

3- Reduce the acceleration while turning off the engine.

4- Disconnect the self-propelled before starting the engine.

5- Check the oil level before each use, and add oil if necessary.

6- When refueling, fill the tank to the bottom of its filler neck.

Maintenance tips

Oil change

Always check the oil level to prevent the engine from failing due to lack of lubrication. At the bottom or on some of the sides you will find a screw to drain the oil compartment.

Tip: For the oil to come out better, I recommend you start the Lawnmowers in Anderson SC for a few minutes so that the oil takes on some temperature (without overdoing it) and becomes a little more liquid, so when you remove the screw, it will fall by gravity itself with little effort .

1- So that all its components are well lubricated. The first oil change should be done after the first 4 or 5 hours of use.

2- Then, an oil change is recommended every 25 hours of use or at least once a year.

3- An SAE 30 oil is normally used. SAE indicates the viscosity of the oil, which should be neither very viscous nor very fluid.

Air Filter Cleaning

The air cleaner is made of foam or special paper, attached to the carburetor. It fulfills the function of preventing dirt particles from entering the engine. It is recommended to clean and renew the filter periodically to extend the life of the slicer.

To clean the air filter, take it and tap it gently on the ground to remove as much dirt as possible. Then rinse it with soap and water and let it dry completely before reinstalling it. After several cleanings it is advisable to change it for a new one, which is usually relatively cheap and its change is of great help to preserve the engine.

Sharpen cutting blades

We can say that in a lawn mowing machine, the cutting blades are one of the fundamental and most worn elements. That’s why you’ll need to keep them sharp to get good results.

With everyday use of your lawnmower you will find that the small stones or roots that we find on most garden surfaces tend to cause the blades to break, so we recommend that you check them regularly, and for signs of take them to a workshop to sharpen them. We recommend that the blades be sharpened by a professional. But if you do it yourself, be aware of the degree of deterioration of the same, because the cracks make their use dangerous, and after two or three sharpening you will have to replace them with new ones.