All About Kitchen Furniture Handles


The handles of the kitchen furniture are, it is not known how, those elements of the room that, without having a particularly noticeable size, first enter through the eyes. Their attractive shapes and materials, together with the outstanding position they occupy on the exterior surface of the furniture, immediately capture our attention and improve or worsen our opinion of the general decoration of the kitchen.

That is why it is worth paying a little more attention to them.


There is a wide variety of kitchen cupboard handles depending on the style of the kitchen furniture on which they are located:

Modern:  In different modern design finishes (straight or arched), normally in chrome and steel colors.

Rustic:  In old design with porcelain and aged finishes.

Knobs:  Round handle

Hidden:  It is not an independent element but rather the shape of the front of the furniture is adapted to serve as an opening and closing system.

The fundamental rule that all manufacturers observe when selling their furniture and that many users forget when renewing its appearance is that handles must always preserve the general style of the room so that we will never put a handle type rustic on a modern piece of furniture.


Kitchen cupboard handles are points where dirt is especially concentrated because, serving as an opening and closing support, they are subject to constant handling and, in most cases; hands are not clean enough to stain them.

Fortunately, and except in cases of very exceptional materials (wood), the cleaning of the handles will be carried out exactly the same as that of the standard surfaces of kitchen furniture.

From time to time it is convenient to carry out a more thorough cleaning because the sweat transferred by the fingers robs them of shine, which causes them to stain or discolor.

Although we find it more laborious, it is a good time to disassemble them, immerse them in a container with warm soapy water and let them soak for half an hour so that the dirt comes off completely, scrub them with a toothbrush paying special attention to the grooves and leave them dry completely.

For metal handles, finish by applying a metal polish and a thin layer of beeswax to help protect the finish and keep them looking cleaner longer.

Types of kitchen cabinet handles

There is a wide variety of kitchen cupboard handles. Not design, but functionality. Depending on the style and space you have, it will be more advisable to install one or the other. Today in Ivory Kitchens we list some:

1. Electronic opening handle

This is the most advanced and difficult to see version, it is the latest in home automation. Totally futuristic.

2. Fingernail puller

This system has a small handle, and is usually used in standard-size furniture.

3. Knob handle

The knob system is the most classic option, made fashionable.

4. Pull handle

Very functional and disparate, handle-type kitchen furniture handles provide a wide variety of shapes and styles.

5. Handleless system

This system is the most minimalist design. It uses aluminum profiles attached to the furniture, so it does not require the presence of a handle.

Replace kitchen cabinet handles

Changing the old handles for more current ones is a very economical resource to renew the general appearance of the room without having to buy the kitchen furniture again. To do this, and after removing the previous one, we offer you some tips to mount a kitchen cupboard handles on a furniture door avoiding damaging its surface or that the handle does not fit well.

Of course, if you want to completely update your kitchen for a little more, at Ivory Kitchens you will find the kitchen furniture that is right for your dreams and needs.