Alternative games and sports?


They have been away from school for various reasons, such as teachers’ ignorance of them, or because they are not habitual and daily games in the students’ environment, in the case of some of them, or because they are relatively new and still to be promoted.

There are answers to this. To avoid the conditioning of always working in one direction, because these games and sports, these alternatives, offer us the discovery of numerous educational, recreational, exercise and fun possibilities, etc. For a long time now, many teachers, sports instructors and entertainers have based their programs on usual, conventional games and sports, doing repetitive activities year after year, course after course, becoming routine, unmotivating and almost non-recreational, That does not mean that they are not still valid, but it is logical that they try to evolve, teach new things, live new experiences, know and practice other sports and physical activities that can fulfill the same functions and educational objectives, and even new objectives, but changing the contents. For example, the objectives that are intended to be achieved with the teaching of basketball or volleyball can also be achieved with the teaching and practice of Ultimate or with Balonkorf and Floor ball. Most of the alternative games and 스포츠중계 encompass at least four major fields of practice, such as: The educational programs of school physical education at its different levels fulfilling an important educational task.

Leisure, recreation and free time, fulfilling the hedonistic,

 cathartic, fun function through active leisure, what Professor Capital would call the playful role.

The competition, since some of the games and alternative sports are also developed in this field, such as badminton, indicia, floorball.

    And these four fields fulfill an important function of personal, socializing relationship, of all its practitioners.

    Therefore, they offer multiple teaching possibilities to the Primary and Secondary Physical Education specialist teacher, to the monitor of the patronage and to the animator, and multiple possibilities of practice and exercise, games, sports and fun, to the students of the different educational levels and to the citizens in general.

 Alternative games and sports that we will put into practice

    This type of activities supposes a greater and better participation of the student who acquires a more active and investigative role with respect to more conventional activities. It supposes, therefore, a more open and less exclusive perspective of physical activity, in which there is not so much tension, we perceive less aggressiveness and the result is not so important.