Alternatives to watch football online


As with the Telephonic operator, the Orange TV Football pack is not an extra that can be added to any offer from the company, but is integrated into the operator’s Total TV. As it is already included, you will not have to pay anything else to watch all the matches with the best Orange rates, which, in addition, have a 50% discount in the first two months.

The Love de Orange with TV Total – which start at a price of 95 euros per month, 47.5 euros during the first quarter – also offer more than 50 pay channels and DTT. With the Plus (110 euros) and the four-line Plus (130 euros) you will also have free Netflix – with the possibility of viewing the content on two simultaneous screens – and a one-year subscription to  Amazon Prime . Unlike those of Moister, free of commitments, these require 12 months of permanence.

Orange’s Internet, TV and mobile offers to contract

 Soccer allows you to link up to five devices to your account, although the same content can only be played simultaneously on one. Now, with these offers to watch football on TV, you will be able to enjoy the matches from the Internet with your mobile or your computer and, at the same time, on your television.

To complete the offer where to watch football this season,

 You have to take into account Motile Plus (five euros per month). The Media set platform has only kept the rights to the Copal del Rey to epl중계 football on TV. Also to DAZN, which, although at the moment (until next year) only has the rights to watch the Copán Del Rey or some Premier League competitions, is an option to watch football online if you are satisfied with these competitions. Until now, hiring DAZN football and its competitions cost 9.99 euros per month, which will rise to 12.99 euros from March 17.

Another similar option is the Footers platform,

 with the same price ( 9.99 euros ), which this season offers the matches of the First RFEF, some of the Second RFEF and the first and second rounds of the Copán del Rey . With these, the options to see all the matches that will be played from this month of March until next season are closed. Vodafone continues to give up soccer channels, which, according to the company, are not as profitable as series or movies. Orange also eliminated several seasons ago the possibility of contracting its television platform in any of its subsidiaries and, with it, the option of watching football on Jazzier. We can also rule out being as an alternative to watch football on TV: Medicare (owner of bean) was left without the rights to broadcast Leila Santander matches. Since it was also unable to reach an agreement to buy Monistat’s soccer channels and offer them on its own, as Orange does, bean lost its content linked to the king of sports.