Arsenal Football Club


This is the first attempt to tell the 121 year history of the Arsenal Football Club through some of Arsenal’s previously published and most interesting and fascinating photographs.

From the early days of Woolwich and Plum stead to the rise of Herbert Chapman and George Allison, to the colorful 1980s and the successful era of Arsines Wenger, these paintings depict emotions, history, faces, fans and their daily lives. ..This is a real club. Rare photos show many important events in the history of the club in different ways, giving you an insight into the aspects of the club that you had never known before.

Causal Rebels

All Arsenal fans will be surprised to learn more about the club because of the rebels. I wrote a fun and informative book. Starting with the father of the founder of Arsenal, each team carefully combines facts and face of club history, skillfully creating more colorful characters and describing in detail the state of society and the changing state of the 해외축구중계 community. It does not spare the thought-provoking, sometimes exciting reader’s smile. This revealed the dissatisfaction in the society towards the media and other football fans.

This is an article that Arsenal fans should read. For others, you may not have to stick to the red and white half of North London.

Official history of Arsenal

This official history covers Arsenal’s history from its inception in 1886 until its first full season at the stunning Emirates Stadium. So Square Dial as Absentee famous 1971 famous duo, became the league’s most exciting tournament in 1989 and moved to Hybrid 2 in 1998. Second Double Season, 2003/04 Failed Season, Six details on the shift.  Complete statistics and detailed features of European and domestic competitions such as the North London Derby, 1930 Stars, Arsenal International Performance, 1971 Teams and the French Modern League.

Official Arsenal 2008

All Arsenal fans will be delighted with the official Arsenal FC 2008 Annual. For Arsenal, who went to the Emirates Stadium in 2007 after beating Manchester United and Chelsea in the Premier League, he promises to win the Champions League again and advance to the semi-finals. – The final round of the Curling Cup.

The 2007-08 season is sure to be exciting and exciting, not to mention the off-field pursuit of new players and old friends. In addition to the 2006-07 review, it contains a 64-page introduction to the player, interviews, reviews, reports, entertainment, sports and puzzles all that a young shooter needs.

In May 2006, Arsenal played their final game in Huber and moved to the modern Emirates Stadium. It was an inspiring message for the second home of an Arsenal Harlem who saw a great game.

Bring your hybrid memories to life with this wonderful illustration book that illustrates the history of the stadium, going to North London, building the stage and many of Chapman’s innovative ideas. It commemorates the history of World War II and the group’s victory in the 1950s. Check out the first letters I bought twice in 1971 on the Hybrid. 89 vacations; the success of the Hungarian Revolution in this particular place and last season.

Photos are rare, unpublished. Exclusive interviews with past and present players. Chief Staff and Fans. Complete statistics for each game in hybrid history.