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Basic tips for good performance


    In recent years, nutrition has been of interest to players and the coaching staff of professional teams, who are increasingly aware of its benefits. The concern with nutrition and hydration has a clear objective, which is to favor the athlete with the energy supply and the necessary nutrients to guarantee performance.

    It is also important to ensure the ideal weight,

 to recover the player more quickly from possible traumas and injuries eventually caused by exhausting training sessions and matches, always having the player’s health and performance as the ultimate goal. Apart from this, proper nutrition has other benefits such as: preserving body composition, promoting metabolism, storing energy in the form of glycogen, delaying fatigue and helping muscle hypertrophy.

    Soccer players at a professional level and who dedicate themselves to this need a lot of their body to respond to the demands of training and matches, but amateur or semi-professional players should still be more careful in this regard, since in addition to training and parties have a working life that makes the physical wear and tear even greater and therefore the need to epl중계.

    A diet should be varied and meet the energy requirements for activity and recovery,

 and be based on nutrient-rich foods such as vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes, cereals, lean meat, fish and dairy or any of these food groups to ensure adequate intake of necessary vitamins and minerals.


    Adequate fluid intake is important before, during and at the end of training sessions and games. Fluid intake maintains electrolyte balance and regulates body temperature. Poor hydration decreases performance capacity and can lead to serious conditions such as heat stroke in high temperatures.

Food before training

    In order for the player to arrive on the field well prepared, his muscles must have enough carbohydrates. Some suggestions of foods rich in this nutrient and that are easy to digest are: fruits, fruit juices, cookies and bread. It is best that you eat in advance or that it be something light in case of little availability of time.