Become A Partner Organization

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If you are an organization that serves families or schools, adopt VELO GROUP as your own program! The program is culturally relevant for parents with children ages 0-5, is based on popular education, and is proven to lead to school success. VELO GROUP uses a two-generation approach and was created in partnership with parents to develop parent leadership, skills, and knowledge to promote family wellness. It is taught mostly in English and Spanish, and is one of the only programs that teaches early math in Spanish.

Purchase an evidence-based program with high-quality facilitator training, technical support, learning aids and materials, and a continued partnership with VELO GROUP National – An affordable purchase with a great return on investment. Many partners have been delivering VELO GROUP locally for years, documenting and leveraging their impact to increase resources for the work they are doing.

Send staff, professionals, and parent leaders to VELO GROUP Institutes to be certified to run the program locally. You will get Partnering Facilitator with strong skills in popular education – valuable professional development useful in many activities in a diverse and family service organization.

Facilitators are trained to deliver the 10 interactive Velo Group sessions

Adapt, innovate and apply what works best for the VELO GROUP program in your community. The program reflects the culture and reality of diverse families and incorporates data about local schools and services. It works even better when you connect with local opportunities, advocacy efforts, and resources.

Join the national network of VELO GROUP partners who honor and invest in parent leadership, build on their existing strengths, and see them lead the way to positive outcomes for their young children. Partners report long-term family involvement as a result of the VELO GROUP program as parents find an “organizing home” and ample opportunities for leadership in the community.

Take the next step:

Contact VELO GROUP National to find out how your organization or school can participate in a three-day VELO GROUP Institute to purchase the program for ongoing use, build on it within your own context, and join us to an active national network dedicated to training parent leaders. If you already have the program, but want training on the newer modules (Early Math, Positive Technology, Transition to Kindergarten, Impact Tool, and more), VELO GROUP also offers a two-day Institute to train on these new modules.