The Adidas Barricade Classic Wide 4E Tennis Shoe is an incredible best mens tennis shoes for wide feet that has a wonderful look, offers a steady ride, and extraordinary solace. The extraordinary 4E plan of this shoe makes it extra wide and subsequently, appropriate for individuals with wide feet. 

The Adidas Barricade Classic Wide 4E Tennis Shoe highlights Adiprene in addition to the forefoot and impact point. The Adiprene in addition to the forefoot keeps up drive and productivity while the one under the impact point gives uncommon padding at sway. 

The 3D Torsion of this shoe offers versatile midfoot support. This tennis shoe for wide feet has a Barricade network upper with engineered overlays; these offer security, breathability, and solace. The Adidas Barricade Classic Wide 4E has an Abrasion-safe Adituff which folds over the toe and average forefoot. This element of the shoe assists with ensuring the foot against drag, which happens during serves, volley, and outrageous sidelong developments.

The padded sole of this shoe highlights EVA innovation which gives really padding and backing to the foot. Then again, the outsole is comprised of Adiwear 6 elastic with an altered herringbone track design which improves its solidness. It additionally gives more footing independent of the kind of court surface. 


Adidas is another significant part in the active apparel game. They sold more than 409 million sets of footwear in 2018 around the world. 

The Barricade is accessible for people. The men’s sizes run from 4 to 14 in medium and standard widths and the ladies’ from 5 to 11.5 in standard width. While these shoes don’t arrive in a more extensive width, the toe box is open and the shoes suit a more extensive footwell. 

The cross-section uppers have a manufactured overlay with holes permitting air to stream and your feet to relax. They additionally help hold the foot stable. 

Adidas advancements are incorporated into the shoes. Adituff which is scraped spot safe is folded over the center of the forefoot and the toes. This ensures against foot drag when serving, volleying, or making horizontal developments. 

Adiprene is found in the forefoot and under the impact point for padding and stun ingestion. The midfoot is upheld by the 3D twist. An Adiwear outsole is appropriate for all courts giving great foothold and giving toughness. 

Some discover the soles somewhat hardened and weighty. The ladies’ style may run between a half and a full size huge. 

Saucony Triumph 18 

The Triumph 18 is Saucony’s most padded shoe and that is quite clear upon step in. It’s very brilliant. This is all gratitude to the PWRRUN+ padded sole which gives the trifecta of a padded, yet still fun and responsive ride. 

The designed lattice upper is amazingly agreeable, however a touch warm because of the thick tongue and too cushioned heel collar. I really experienced a touch of difficulty with my heel slipping as a result of how cushioned the heel is. I had worries about rankles, yet never experienced any when the shoes fell off. From the start, the stretchy bands weirded me out, yet they worked really hard of remaining tied. 

Being an impartial and exceptionally padded coach, I didn’t discover the Triumph to be entirely insecure. Moreover, the full-length blown elastic outsole gave a superb foothold while showing next to no wear. 

12.1 oz. for a wide impartial shoe is weighty and it is highly unlikely around it. In any case, the PWRRUN+ padded sole does as great of a task concealing the load as could be expected. On different events, I was shocked at my speed being in the low 8s while going on simple runs. The smooth midfoot to toe-off change with the springy padded sole worked incredibly together. 

The Triumph 18 may be the most padded wide choice here. On the off chance that you can get a decent lockdown and wouldn’t fret a chunkier shoe, there’s no motivation to hate it. Saucony put out an extraordinary everyday mentor alternative for sprinters who need more pads for the pushin. 

Anatomy  of a Tennis Shoe 

Tennis is a game that requires shoes with a high foothold, enormous scope of parallel developments, and the adaptability to hold onto numerous surfaces. The breathability and padding are additional key variables for a tennis shoe. Our testing places a high accentuation on an assortment of components like highlights, execution, client surveys, assessments of expert competitors, and our own thorough testing. 

The outsole has a significant influence on a wide feet tennis shoe and in this way, most tennis shoes will come furnished with hard elastic outsoles to guarantee high security. The material of the outsole is a significant thought as high scraped area elastic will watch out for last more. In spite of this, tennis shoes are known to debase quicker than different kinds of sports shoes. 

The rate at which your soles debase relies generally on the player and the court surface. This is the reason a few producers offer an outsole ensure. The sole material will rely upon which court you play on. A dirt court requires a high foothold and in this manner, you should search for a crisscross track design. 

Grass courts require spikes that will consider quick developments without slippage. A solid court requires shoes that have added padding and stun assimilation to permit your body to enough deal with the stuns applied by the hard floor. The padded soles of the shoe assist with stun ingestion which is critical when arriving during a game. You ought to preferably search for EVA froth padded soles as they consider more prominent speed and versatility. 

Cautious thought ought to likewise be given to the development of the material and comprehend whether breathability is a significant factor for you. In case you’re an easygoing player simply hoping to play a game or two with your dad-in-law at the end of the week, it may not be an essential worry to you, yet assuming you’re an in-your-face player investing in genuine energy into your game, breathability ought to be a significant thought in your agenda. Things can likewise change contingent upon your sexual orientation. Ladies’ tennis shoes typically are a reasonable piece smaller than men’s so remember that. 

tennis shoes for wide feet go through exacting testing to guarantee they fulfill the guidelines required for prevalent athletic execution. Mechanical tests are performed to test padding to guarantee the feet have a smooth arrival. Effect tests copy the conditions that tennis players would go through and this guarantees that the shoes are explicitly made to assist you with accomplishing top execution. 

We have shown you the best tennis shoes for wide feet accessible available at the present time. A reasonable lion’s share of them is used by proficient players themselves. You should now have a greatly improved thought of the various attributes tennis shoes have and why these are significant. This guide (we trust) will help you settle on an undeniably more educated buying choice.


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