Biggest Challenges for Managers Handling Fast Team Growth

Biggest Challenges for Managers Handling Fast Team Growth
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Managers are trusted with the job of handling a team and make it achieve the assigned goals. However, it might seem to an outsider that a manager has it easy. Not true!

I remember the time when I was working as part of the sales team. The company provided us with the best telephone service, CenturyLink landline, to make calls. Apart from that, we had access to fast speed Internet and all the comforts. However, the manager failed to achieve the target and had to face the consequences. No one realized the hurdles that led to all that!

Managers face many challenges including but not limited to the following:

Inability to Keep Up with CRM

Things often get pretty hard for the sales teams. Especially when the team members are not able to keep their CRM up to date. The team members are not always at fault. It is just that they drown under the repetitive administrative tasks. It is not easy for sales teams or any other team in that regard to adopt a change that quickly. It is, therefore, recommended to employ the use of a CRM that the team members can learn and start using with ease as well.

Unable to Track Performance

It often happens that managers cannot get an accurate view of how their team members are performing. This leads to more problems because the managers cannot decide who should receive training or who should get alleviated. Keeping a track of the team members’ activities and their performance is essential for managers. If they feel that a certain person is not capable enough, it becomes easy for them to identify him and not hire him for the next project.

Companies now have software and tools that can help them track the progress, the number of projects worked on and other details regarding an employee or team member. Hence, making it easy for managers to keep an eye on everyone.

Fail to Get the Team Together

The toughest of all challenges, perhaps, for managers is to bring the whole team together. There are many instances when the team members are not on the same page. And at times the conflict seems unresolvable as well, leading into fights and stress within a team. However, it is then that the manager has to jump in and try to neutralize the situation.

Managers are lucky that they have access to tools that can help them collaborate with team members. And the team members can liaison with other group members too.  Hence allowing everyone to be on the same page. And even if there is a conflict, the team members can discuss it in one place, throw their ideas, and see what it that works for everyone is.

Achieving a Stretch Goal

Managers find themselves distressed about achieving stretch goals. Whether your company is producing new products, offering a service to help people, or is supporting another organization, there are goals that your team needs to achieve. These goals are associated with the objectives of the company. And if you happen to work for a company that is very aggressive about achieving the set objectives, then you, as a manager will have to put extra effort to achieve the goals.

This asks of you to carefully plan things. You will have to think of a smart way to put your team members or employees to good use. That should be in a way that you help the organization achieve the stretch goals.

Bringing Out the Best

A manager has to bring out the best in his team members or employees. While doing so, the managers should also keep in mind that everyone has a good and a not so good day. Therefore, they cannot judge the performance of an employee based on 1-2 days of his work or effort. Managers need to observe an employee or team member throughout a couple of weeks or months.

In this course of time, he will also become aware of the strengths and weaknesses of a team member. This will further aid him in bringing the best out of that employee based on his strong traits. Some of the ways that can help a manager do so without putting in the extra effort include:

  • Treating all employees with respect
  • Aiding the employees in aligning their personal and work goals
  • Providing a friendly work environment
  • Encouraging employees to communicate and cooperate

Underperforming Employees

Underperforming employees can be irritating but it will be rude to just leave them alone without helping them. Chances that your help will aid the team member in performing better are high. You can hold workshops for such employees. Or even have a one-on-one session with them where you allow them to speak their heart out (literally). Ask them if there is anything that is bothering them. If you adopt the right approach, you can help an individual perform to his full potential.

I remember my time at Windstream Cable Company after graduating. I was lucky enough to have a manager who would encourage me and listen to my issues. It is in that office that I gained confidence. My manager also helped me identify my strong areas.


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