Bird Diverters: How To Keep Birds Away From Electrical Wires


Do you want to keep birds away from your wires? If so, using bird diverters is a great way to get them to fly someplace else. Take a look at this article and see how bird diverters work and where they are best used.

Introduction to Bird Diverters

Electricity poses a serious threat to birds, as they can become electrocuted when they touch wires or equipment. Fortunately, there are bird diverters available that can be installed on power lines to help keep birds away from these dangerous electrical wires. These devices work by creating a barrier between the wire and the birds, preventing them from getting too close.

How Bird Diverters Work

Bird diverters work by using a series of metal bars or spikes to create a barrier between the wire and the birds. The bars are designed to be very thin so that the birds can pass through them easily, but they are also strong enough to prevent the birds from getting too close to the wire. The diverter is usually mounted on a post near the power line, and it is activated by a switch. When the switch is turned on, the barriers will start to move around, creating a confusing space for the birds. The barriers will stay in place for about 30 seconds, after which they will return to their original positions.


A bird diverter keeps birds away from electrical wires, which can help protect the wires and equipment from damage. Additionally, bird diverters can also help to keep birds away from airports and other areas where they may be a nuisance.