Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The fight against carcinoma could be a cause frozen within the polymer of EIDM. This year once more, the International faculty of Fashion & Luxury is delighted to support this nice cause with every week packed with colours and actions.

A tradition frozen within the school’s DNA!
Since 2018, the International faculty of Fashion & Luxury has integrated awareness of the fight against carcinoma Awareness into its philosophy. For the 2022 edition, we have a tendency to tell the tradition : mobilization of scholars, team and stakeholders ; charity sale ; intervention of the “League against cancer”, etc. Here square measure the behind the scenes of in the week.

For the program…
Thursday, October 6
For this 1st day of Pink October 2022 at EIDM, the college has adorned itself come in its most lovely colours. Our students adorned the college in pink, then made and distributed the visuals of the Pink October data campaign. Our fashion & luxury students then distributed ribbons to the whole team and to the speakers.

Monday October ten
For the symbolism, the scholars, speakers and therefore the whole team of EIDM placed on their most lovely pink pageantry for these days. Our fashion & luxury students conjointly created sweet dishes (cheesecakes, pancakes, cupcakes, etc.) that they offered available on a stand found out among our premises.Wednesday October 12
To end in the week on a high note, the League Against Cancer raised awareness among our students, on the importance of early detection and therefore the habits that contribute to increasing the risks related to it.

It is vital to stress that every one the funds collected by our fashion & luxury students throughout their charity sale are going to be given to the League Against Cancer. several because of our students United Nations agency spared no effort to support this nice cause. See you next year for one more week of support within the fight against carcinoma.


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