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Top Social Media Trends In 2022

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Trend #1 in social media: Social media and customer service are now more closely linked than eve

The use of social media is expanding as a crucial customer service channel over the last few years. Click here, The outbreak just accelerated the trend. (Buy YouTube Subscribers UK) Hootsuite’s 2022 Trends Survey, 59 percent of marketers have stated that their customer service on social media has improved in importance for their brands in the last year.

More and more customers and potential buyers prefer social media as their preferred method to contact companies (pre and post-purchase). Social media marketers are expected to serve as representatives for customer service.

Reels on Instagram Reels


Your social media team requires training in customer service, or you’ll need personnel trained in customer service and competent in handling incoming Social media posts.

Anyone who interacts with customers via social media must have solid brand and product knowledge. If they’re not sure of the answer or aren’t certain what to say promptly, they should be able to swiftly and effortlessly tag a team member using an internal platform so that someone else can assist and deal with the question promptly.

Utilize a social media administration tool such as Hootsuite to effortlessly monitor all the incoming messages on your company’s social media platforms to ensure you don’t miss a single note. Learn more about Hootsuite’s Inbox: Hootsuite Inbox:

Trend #2 in social media Beyond the feed

The majority of social media platforms offer an official feed. Posts posted by your friend’s brands and other profiles you follow pop in the order specified through an algorithm.

For an extended period in the time of marketing via social media, the discovery was about being featured in people’s feeds. While the content in feeds is still essential, some new content formats outside the news feed have entered the market.

Facebook and Instagram are two examples. Instagram and Facebook include Stories and Reels — formats that feature a distinct and feed-agnostic positioning in the respective applications. The two forms, Stories, and Reels, are recognized as being more popular than feed posts and presented to new users with refined recommendations. Plus, the shopping features and links added to Stories or Reels and the benefits of these formats should not be undervalued.

This trend isn’t limited to Facebook or Instagram. YouTube offers its individual Stories function (known in the shorts category). The same is true for Pinterest.


Be sure to take maximum benefit of the platforms you’re advertising on and incorporate them into new formats for your content creation routine.

Start there if you’re still not amazed by Instagram’s Reels and Stories.

If you’d like to give yourself a double punch, you can add the shopping feature on Instagram to sell your products on Instagram using these highly engaging kinds of content.

Trend #3 in social media Live video can aid in selling

Facebook introduced live streaming in 2015, and it’s been increasingly popular since then. Live video is now accessible on all major advertising platforms on social networks, and all of them have similar benefits.

These advantages include:

The benefits of having a high-visibility profile, for example, being at the top of feeds for users (this depends on the algorithms used by the platform)
Ability to engage users in real-time
Option to let guests or hosts participate in the conference call
The possibility to download the Live when it’s finished and then share it with others
Although live video can be used in so many possibilities, use In 2022, we can anticipate more shopping events that are life. Brands of all sizes already use live video tutorials to promote their products and increase sales. Specific platforms, such as Facebook, are testing live selling tools to make the most of the growing trend.


Integrate Live video into your strategy for social media. Try hosting live streams that highlight your product. Specific instructions on operating and maintaining the products are an excellent place to the starting point. It is also possible to try AMA (ask me any question) panels, Q&As, or more informal chats with team members that can give your customers an understanding of your brand’s voice and your values.

Collaborate with an influencer or creator to host these events to make your presence more noticeable. This will increase your reach and will likely result in more engagement.

Trend #4 in social media The importance of social listening is now more crucial than ever before

The term “social listening” refers to actively seeking out what your customers have to say about your business (and not necessarily about them) through social networks. It is possible to perform this manually by searching for your company’s name and hashtags branded to your brand. It is also possible to use software to achieve this.

Many companies began investing in social listening in the wake of the outbreak, and the social networks became their main consumer interaction point and a hub for PR. For more details:

By using social listening, you’ll be able to monitor your customers’ opinions and identify potential problems quickly. You can also use listening to social media as a straightforward method of researching your audience and gaining insights into your entire industry.


If you don’t have a social media strategy implemented, you should start immediately.

Be sure to keep reading the following:

Posts that contain your brand’s name and the keywords for your product
Posts tagging your brand
Content that includes your hashtag
Content mentioning your direct competition
Pay attention to your brand’s name, and implement a procedure within your company to address any new problems.

Trend #5 in social media: Be prepared to share a joke

Don’t think of your brand as serious humor is the method to be used on Reels and TikTok. Videos that are funny and humorous are hugely well-liked on both platforms.

If you’re unsure where to begin creating fun and light-hearted videos, take advantage of one of the many music trends. Both users and brands are lip-synching to spoken or music-related audio clips. If you’re looking for an instance, you can look no further than the following clip taken from the official account of The Grinch:


Every month, take the time to look up what’s popular in the world of TikTok or Reels. You can then incorporate to incorporate them into your calendar of content.

Sometimes, this could mean having a handful of group members and clients who are good sports taking part in a dance. Sometimes, it’s employing fun and quirky audio clip to the audience to let them know that they are aware of the humor of your audience.

Final thoughts

As social media trends come and change, staying up to date with the latest ones is crucial for marketers and brands alike.

Keeping up-to-date with current developments can assist you in designing the kind of content that people want and interact with them in ways they’ve come to would like to be.

Best practices for social media are constantly changing; however, being flexible and adapting is the best way to proceed. Be sure to keep up with our blog to stay informed.

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