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Can you Fly with CBD – is it legal?

So it’s only natural to take it with us when traveling. However, the issue of traveling within the CBD is tricky. Frustrated by the fact that the legal status of CBD worldwide is a divided trend, each country has its legislation, even within the European Union. Is it possible to bring your favorite CBD product with you while you travel? To some extent, translating a Rubik’s Cube comes to resemble solving a safety issue.

The basics of traveling with CBD products

Most of us forget that CBD, while non-intoxicating, is derived from the cannabis plant. CBD isn’t classified as a controlled substance in many countries, but this was somewhat the case not so long ago. Every country has its cannabis regulations, meaning everyone has a different approach to CBD. Laws can also differ within a nation; for example, in the United States, CBD can be legal in many states based on local cannabis laws.

Even though you may possess your CBD lawfully, you shouldn’t experience difficulty traveling within your home country. 

Is international travel with CBD products legal?

One important truth for international travel with CBD products is that it doesn’t matter where you come from. However, it does matter where you are going. The product purchased legally at home may be illegal in the destination country.

Telling airport security staff that you know where you purchased your ticket won’t get you far. The only thing that matters is the transportation laws of the entrance at which you arrive. Therefore, it’s crucial to check the CBD regulations of the destination you’re going to before you arrive. 

CBD products on flights within the EU

Flying with a CBD isolate or broad spectrum CBD product among EU countries should be simple as long as you’re traveling with isolate or broad spectrum CBD. Suppose you have a CBD product that comprises full-spectrum CBD. In that case, you will need to remember that each European nation has its own rules about the permissible and tolerated THC content.

Even though the European Parliament allowed for higher THC levels in industrial hemp. It does not necessarily mean you can travel with CBD products having up to 0.3 THC. Considering such content will naturally be dispersed throughout the locality, why wouldn’t you view the THC levels permitted in the country you are traveling to?

Flying with CBD outside of the EU

Things become even more complicated when you cross borders in the EU. For instance, marijuana products permitted in the United Kingdom depend on whether they are one hundred percent CBD isolate or contain no THC. After traveling to international locations other than the UK becomes too difficult, you are better off just bringing your CBD isolate.

Convincing authorities you got the products you intended to transport to another EU country will not be an easy endeavor if you’re transporting a prohibited CBD product to a country other than the EU. The worst-case scenario is you may even be detained by law enforcement.

When traveling from the EU to a non-EU country and checking the guidelines about CBD. It’s also vital to check the guidelines associated with bringing cannabis products and hemp products in and out of that country. For example, although recreational cannabis is legal in Canada, bringing any cannabis products (including CBD) into the government is not permitted.

What are the regulations for bringing CBD on a plane?

Flying with CBD is everything you need to know.

You can take CBD capsules on your travels too. Be aware that capsules with local CBD products or any toiletries in your checked baggage must adhere to the same guidelines as standard liquids. In areas within the EU, liquid CBD products in your checked baggage cannot exceed 100 ml. This includes toothpaste.

Do not place your CBD gummies inside a smaller container or put CBD oil in a tiny bottle. No airports have the equipment required to test your CBD products immediately. As a result, airport employees must gather as much information as possible from the packaging before transporting it forward.

Be sure to check the product packaging for information regarding the THC content of your product. Suppose the supplement you are using does not mention its THC content on the label. In that case, you are highly advised to leave the product home.

How you make your cannabis products’ claims is up to you, but documentation is the key to everything. Therefore, present the laboratory test results from a burning device (you can find the data online) and the receipt proving you bought your merchandise from a reputable manufacturer.

Make certain you have your prescription if you have a prescription for prescribed medical cannabis. In addition, we advise contacting your airline to find out whether they assist you with transporting such products.

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