Olmo Cuarón Follows the Steps of His Prodigious Father Alfonso / Causes and Symptoms of Autism

Olmo Cuarón Follows the Steps of His Prodigious Father Alfonso / Causes and Symptoms of Autism


Alfonso Cuarón has won several Oscar Awards as “Best Director” and has masterfully earned the respect and appreciation of Hollywood.

This has made his three children feel proud of him, including Olmo Cuarón, who, funny enough, seems to be following his father’s steps in film. Why? People who know him know that he has the talent to draw, and create videos and animations, and short films.

Olmo Cuarón has shown his stop-motion videos and his production and creation of short films on his different channels. For now, he has fun creating animations and drawing. Undoubtedly, he could make his way without a problem in the world of films.

His father, Alfonso Cuarón, could very well be one of his sources of inspiration, considering his passion for the Seventh Art.

Causes and Symptoms of Autism

Oddly enough, there isn’t only one cause. In fact, important studies and research have found that autism has multiple causes or risk factors

The factors implied in Autism are similar to those of Asperger Syndrome and encompass the genetic alterations (it is four times more frequent in males), the intrauterine factors, as well as the birth factors such as anoxia (lack of oxygen) that give rise to abnormal neurological development.

Regarding the Symptoms, there are very clear signs or indications of this disorder, such as:

  • Language delays
  • Difficulty socializing or relating to other people
  • Repetitive behavior or conduct
  • Playing alone or in isolation
  • Little or no visual contact
  • Lack of facial expressions
  • Repetitive movements (such as spinning around or flapping their hands)
  • Alteration if there are changes in the routine
  • Specific preferences about objects, activities, and food.


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