Communication and marketing in professional sporting events”


”Panel is a young sport in our country that increasingly has more followers among the population of all ages, especially among adults between 25 and 45 years old. Thanks to its ease of learning and the considerable increase in our country of epl중계, social and private facilities that have a greater number of paddle tennis courts, its expansion seems endless.

            This expansion, not only in the number of players

 But also in terms of amateur and professional competitions, has demanded to cover a new need: a professional organization that could professionalize pedal competition in our country, and that is what has led several professional paled organizers to join forces to start the Professional Paled Circuit “Panel Pro Tour” (PPT) six years ago.

            This communication intends to expose my experience in the creation of PPT as well as to develop the production, marketing and communication process that the different Tournaments that compose it have, especially the Tournaments of which I am Director since the beginning of PPT (Valladolid, Madrid and Gijon for this year 2011).

            I will make a brief exposition of my experience on the treatment

That I carry out to the most important aspects in your organization such as sponsorship management, the communication strategy or the return studies that we carry out to see the profitability of the companies that sponsor a professional event of paddle

Like many “young” sports, paled is in the process of expansion within society

and in all its aspects, from the progressive increase in the number of licenses, the opening of a significant number of panel schools for all ages as well as facilities, to the creation of competitions that cover a wide range of ages and levels, ranging from popular tournaments and promotion of this sport, to the most prestigious international competitions in our country.

In this communication, I will develop the most important aspects of the creation and development of the Professional Adel Circuit (Paled Pro Tour Circuit), an experience in which I will focus especially on the aspects of marketing and communication, key aspects for the success of a professional padel event, both from the point of view of sponsorship, of the organization to the return that an event of these characteristics has.

            What is Padel Pro Tour? (PPT).

            The Panel Pro Tour (PPT), is the only existing professional paddle circuit in the world that was born as a demand for the evolution of the sport itself. Given the lack of serious and rigorous organization of a professional competition in our country, several paddle tennis organizers decided six years ago to join forces to give greater rigor and professionalism to the professional competitions that existed to date.