Corporate Taxes In China

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China is a strong player in the global market and wants to take the lead. Europe and the United States have a lot of difficulties with the thinking and functioning of the Chinese government. But economic ties have become so close that European companies would do well to establish their own presence in this market. This guide is intended to provide assistance.

Conditions in China

China has a civil code corresponding to the Civil Code, based on it a company law and a Tax Services in China law that includes accounting according to the Western model. In terms of content, the ideas of the Chinese central government are, of course, anchored in these plans. The economy is said to be centralized, from which it has a higher degree of privatization. The state exercises an unparalleled omnipotence over its citizens. But that hardly seems to bother the citizens. Because the Chinese people, especially the elderly, still know the reality of life 45 years ago.

People cannot be denied or accused of being hard-working and inquisitive. The desire for personal prestige is largely linked to professional promotion and money. If even today a young Chinese man can only find a woman to marry if he owns a condominium, it quickly becomes clear how very personal, family concerns are linked to professional and financial situation. China claims to be a communist state, but in truth there is predatory capitalism at all levels.

Vigilance digital

After the elites have worked their way up to billionaires and know the way to get there, heavy-handed crackdowns are now being cracked down on where corruption or any other offense against the interests of the state becomes apparent. With a high degree of control through digital surveillance, the state not only protects itself against the emergence and spread of harmful ideas.

Comprehensive digital monitoring of the movement of people, the spoken word, and access to company digital data means the state loses next to nothing. Any witch is quickly identified and resolved to close it. If you don’t follow the rules, you’ll be sorry. Anyone who violates the applicable law as a person or company may be forced to leave the country. One can imagine that prosperous companies will not be closed in this context, but simply transferred to other hands. Companies are threatened with the total loss of their investment and years of development work. Not all companies have realized this and therefore have not instructed their employees on how to deal with the new situation. Who, without doing anything, allows continuing browsing the old streets, runs a great risk.