Different Types of Roof Design For Your House


Most believe that a roof, as an area outside your living area, has very little. This is not true, and with a bit of creativity, you can create the idea of ​​a simple roof terrace design at a low cost, to turn the this-worldly area into a haven for outdoor living.

The roof design of the flat house

The flat roof is also called a terrace roof. These are easy to install and have a slight slope for drainage. These roofs can be easily converted into green roofs, solar panel roofs, or garden patios. The flat roof provides much-needed open space in urban homes. They add a stunning effect to plants, glass, lighting, and pergola designs. It is not recommended to build flat-roof houses in areas with heavy rainfall and snowfall. They are ideal for building more floors or rooms.

Parapet house roof design

A parapet roof is an extension of a wall located at the edge of a roof, porch, or structure. Some parapets are angled or high enough to cover the roof with a flat look. So many roofers in Dublin have but we are the best because we have 15 years of experience in the roof sector. The parapet roof design goes back to the architecture of the medieval castle, where it was made of marble. Today, parapet roofs are designed with reinforced cement concrete (RCC), steel, aluminum, glass, and other materials. A modern parapet roof adds both security and style. Extended walls built by parapet roof design withstand wind, rain, hail, and snow.

Green roof house design

Green roofs are covered with vegetation and have supplementary layers such as a primary barrier and drainage and irrigation systems. This roof needs waterproofing. In a warmer country like India, a green roof absorbs heat and sunlight, lowering the indoor temperature and making it more relaxed in the summer.

Tips for choosing the right roof design for your home

  • Choose design software to select the type of roof.
  • The roof design should match the house’s exterior and blend in with the house’s architectural style.
  • Since the roof shelters the house in extreme weather, always consider the area’s climate. Some roof types are suitable for retaining heat; others are good for rainwater runoff.
  • Learn the advantages and disadvantages of different roof designs.
  • Always keep the budget in mind.

The color of the roof of the house

Make sure the color of the roof matches the architectural design of the house and the color of the exterior walls. When choosing the color of the roof, it is essential to consider the roofing materials. Our company has professionaland experienced local roofers dublin, who can help you in all sectors. Darker roof colors absorb heat while lighter colors reflect it. Houses painted in red, green, or yellow complement the dark roof. A white house can have a blue, red, green, or brown roof. Houses with beige, cream, or brown walls go well with brown roofs. Charcoal and light gray look trendy for the roof.

The idea of ​​ the roof exterior of the house. Another way to build a roof over your terrace is to make a roof and transform the part into a small roof house design. If all else fails, make a roof over only one part of the terrace and cover all the furniture underneath it. The rest of the exterior can then be left behind.