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Website Builder

A website is a key aspect of digital marketing strategy, for it is a virtual shop floor to get in touch with people looking for your products or services. Several small business owners and solopreneurs still don’t have a website because they think their business has come this far without any online presence. Maybe, they opine that customers will find them in the future too. 

With more and more people turning towards smartphones and mobile applications to search for a product or service, read the reviews, and compare the features and prices, the chances of growing your business with walk-in customers are lower. When your potential customers are online, you need to be there to get them. A well-designed and functional website can attract traffic and help convert leads into sales. How can you have your own website without spending much?

Technological developments help you use online tools to create a website by yourself. You don’t need to learn to program or have a web developer build an online store or website. With a website builder, you design a website or have an expert design it for you. The drag-and-drop and editing tools make it easy to start a blog, build a webpage or create an online store within a few minutes. No coding skills are required to add essential functions to a website.     

What does a website builder offer you? 

If you want to find the most reliable website-building service, you should know what a web builder can offer. Depending on the business, you can choose an eCommerce builder or a website builder. The best service provider will offer you a range of web designing plans, which include monthly subscriptions and one-time purchase plans. Other than the price, you need to look for the features before deciding on a plan. 

  • Responsive design

An online web-building tool helps you design a webpage responsive to any device, like a smartphone, tablet, and desktop computer. Using media queries, the software targets breakpoints that adjust the layout by wrapping the text and scaling the images. It helps the websites fit any screen of the device.

  • Drag-and-drop interface

One of the most attractive features of a web builder is the drag-and-drop tool, which enables you to select the content, drag, and drop it at the place you want on the webpage. The software also allows you to edit the content by removing and adding new designs, texts, colours, and fonts. If you are looking for customization by adding more functions to your eCommerce store, then choose the package accordingly.

  • Website security

A secure webpage gets more customers, who may visit the site again in the future. Therefore, a website building plan should include SSL certification, which will protect all the data entered on your website. Your online store can securely conduct transactions, and receive payments via credit or debit cards and other net-banking payment methods.   

  • Social media integration

Your business grows faster with social media presence, as it can increase traffic to your website, allow interaction with customers, and increase sales. The web-building package should offer social integration via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. It will help you share your product or service information or blog on social media easily. 

  • All-in-one eCommerce platform

If you want to sell your product or service, you can on the same platform by integrating eCommerce functions, like the product catalog, coupons, shopping cart, payment gateways, taxes, order, shipping, and inventory management. If you are looking for an option for cross-selling to marketplaces, check if the platform supports it or not. 

  • Customizable design

To distinguish your business from others, you need a customized website. With a suitable service provider, you can have a website designed using custom-made templates, images, colours, and logos. Some service providers offer logo design, domain registration, web hosting, and email marketing services.

You are only a few steps away from building a website. Keeping in mind the above aspects, choose the best website builder plan to build an appealing website for your small business.


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