European Soccer player of the Year


Real Madrid manager Ramon Calderon has announced that the new Italian footballer will win the Golden Ball and become Ronaldinho best player in Europe. He surprised many and blinded many. Not after Cinnabar’s candidacy, but after the announcement of the World Cup winner and not before the announcement of the winner, only on May 27th. Of course, this is one of two things. First, there is a skin patch on the field in the French football press that has won a number of awards for increased security without complying with Senate procedures.

If Calderon wanted to write a story, he would be a happy man. “Kin aver, that’s enough,” the Italian journalist said at once. (Gazetel dells) and “Or Balloon de Cinnabar” (Apostle Sarah). Despite the curiosity of the Italian media, the story seems to end. The purpose of this article is different depending on the cover, depending on the type of people around you. The captain of the Italian team Convert Chase Fangs Shame did not protest against the famous cup, so we will continue with the first goal.

In 1956, the French football newspaper published the Golden Ball.

 Ten years ago, during World War II, football was the most advanced in Europe. He began to recover from the devastation of World War II. The first European Cup (now the UEFA Champions League) took place this year and Stanley Matthews was named the first European player to play black pool. In the following years, the winning team, First Secretary Alfredo Di Stefano, won the award twice in Madrid. The purpose of this award is to show that 스포츠중계 is now the way people from different countries interact with each other. We must not forget that many continents have been at war for 10 years. Well-known French football fans presented the award based on the opinion of European journalists.

Prizes are evenly distributed at football matches.

Of the best clubs in Europe in recent years, Juventus have won eight awards (perhaps if they can’t stand the tension in football). Calciopoli), Milan (Pinto), Barcelona. (6), Real Madrid (5), Munich Bayern (5). The awards ceremony will take place in November (for example, Luis Fig and Rolando, who traveled to Madrid a few months before their departure). One of the major changes since the start of the awards ceremony is that in 1995 there were no winners from Europe or any country, and the contracts are with UEFA clubs (in Liberia, that’s good. V.).

Of course such an award was given last year.

 Ronaldinho from Brazil, who won the award last year, has established himself as the best player in the world (always proud to be on the title page of the Player of the Year award). Barcelona players have not reached their peak this year. The Champions League won awards, but was 6 times younger in the seminary (and selected in the previous competition) than the Brazilian team at the World Championships (often considered an important part of the awards …). Kaka, who is the only German among his teammates, spent the season despite being one of the most famous names in the football world of Milan. Get gifts.

As you can see, winners are often under the control of good competitors. Take Renaldo’s golden ball from 2002, for example. After two years at the Inter National in Italy, El Indriagocha (as they call it) traveled to the Far East to help Brazil finish fifth. The cup brought 8 points, ending the trophy lost in the 1998 match.