Everything you need to know about wooden staircase

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Wood is a beautiful warm, versatile material that will suit any setting. It is ideal for a variety of designs, including curved staircase, curved new and different styles of railings. Wooden stairs Adelaide spindles, in particular, can be easily worked into all sorts of decorative shapes or at least left plain to look at.

With a wide selection of both traditional and contemporary designs on the market, wrought iron shaped metal ladders are extremely popular nowadays. Durable and decorative, they can be easily painted to match the rest of the decor if needed. You can also get chrome or brushed nickel effect stair spindles for an ultra-modern feel.

Glass panels can look stunning on banister rails, and are ideal for poorly lit spaces as they allow light to flow freely around the room. For anyone looking to add a touch of contemporary glamor, it can be paired with wooden or metal handrails and new ones – and even glass moves -.

Finding the beautiful railing design

There are two main types of railing systems: post-to-post and over-the-post. The strongest, most popular and economical design is post-to-post. In this system, the railing runs between the new line and fits into the sides of the new post with conventional mortise and tenon joints.

In the over-the-post configuration, also known as a continuous railing system, the rail runs over the top of the new post, often ending in a decorative circle called the volute. The design is sleeker and more detailed, but a little less robust than the post-to-post system. However, this sounds surprising and is considered a sign of quality by home buyers.

Stair safety

When upgrading your top stairs Adelaide, you can take the opportunity to bring them up to date in terms of safety as well as style. The most important modern rule introduced to prevent small children from falling is that no gap anywhere on the ladder should be large enough to allow a circle of 100 mm to pass. This applies to every part of the ladder, but the main thing to consider when replacing a banister is the space between the spindles. To comply with the 100 mm rule, the distance between spindles (or glass panels, if applicable) should not exceed 99 mm.

Stair material

Which wood is best? If you are on a tight budget, pine, hemlock and staple are worth considering, especially if you intend to paint or stain the stairs. At the other end of the scale, ash, walnut, southern yellow pine and oak stair parts provide a premium look and durability, but match the prices.