Fantasy football championship


This is a game full of passion and excitement. A game where everything can change in 30 seconds. A game called “Soccer”. I am proud to say that in the world of sports, this is an “on” thing. The popularity of football in India is growing very rapidly. The cricket-filled country is finally starting to lean in the direction of football. Here, football is considered fresh air. Many football academies try to quell the craze by organizing competitions and coaching programs for children.

Many professional players have also come here

In recent years, a lot of knowledge has been provided to those interested in sports. It should also be remembered that Germany’s top club Bayern Munich recently arrived in India to play a friendly against East Bengal. We watched the whole home game. These activities only increase the number of football fans.

All ages, including girls, are interested in this sport.

 This is about talking to your girlfriend. There are also women’s soccer teams and several soccer leagues around the world which increase interest in girls. The girls also host soccer matches in A via the Internet. You can find all kinds of information about all kinds of football on the net.

The film industry is also contributing to the passion for football.

 Movies like Beckham or Band It, about a woman who wants to be a football player like David Beckham, have left a big mark on women because of football, or because of the goal (international version) of making a man do all the necessary to play football. The man, or goal (Indian version), which also showed how Indians in England like to play football, and so on. Not everyone, not even Bollywood actors like John Abraham, has an elderly wife who supports football on television. She also appeared in a commercial for the current European Championships. All of this suggests that football fever is affecting not just India but the whole world.

It is extraordinary to see a significant increase in the number of club jerseys in India.

 One in five people on the street wear a football shirt. This sudden rise only confirms the fact that football is an “on” thing. The European Championship has taken the desire for football to a higher level. Wherever you go, you will see posters of footballers or teams on walls or in shopping malls. Overall, this tournament made football popular with the people and after the tournament, the football season starts with leagues like Premier League, La Liga 스포츠중계 A and so on. Ready. All these fans want more.