Fashion trends for 2022

Fashion trends for 2022
Fashion trends for 2022

Summer is fast approaching so it’s time to embrace the fashion trends of 2022. The upcoming season has a mix of everything, and with past trends and new patterns on offer, there’s something to suit everyone. Keeping up with new trends helps to refresh your wardrobe, and you might even find some garments to help customize your style.

Bright colors as far as the eye can see

From the runways at Paris Fashion Week to trends on social media, top-to-toe color is quickly coming back into vogue. Throw away your neutrals, creams, and tans; color blocking is emerging as a stylish choice for those wanting to add some boldness to their looks.

Hues of orange, sizzling pink, and vivid green can really make a look pop, try stepping out in a bright pink blazer or pairing an understated dress with some bold red shoes. If you’re not feeling bright colors straight away, try looking for some dazzling patterns that aren’t as eye-catching, but are still beautiful to look at!

Comfort is key

It’s no secret that skinny jeans are on their way out, and comfort is in. Gathering a number of low-key staples will help you stay ahead of the fashion curve, but also create a section in your closet for comfort.

Biker shorts, leggings, oversized sweatshirts, and baggy trousers are on the rise amongst the younger generation, so upgrading your closet for comfort whilst remaining stylish is a no-brainer.

YK2 – Again

The 90s and early 00s are in again, so dig out your low-rise jeans and clip in your butterfly clips because this wave of fashion will make you feel nostalgic- in a good way.

Corset tops are a great example of fashion cycling back, either with straps or without, they’re becoming a staple in night-out clothing. Baby tees are also an understated way to add some early 2000s inspiration to your look, pair one with some low-rise jeans for a really fashionable look.


In a world where everyone is trying to stand out with their clothing, it doesn’t help that at some point, you’re probably going to bump into someone wearing the same thing as you.

Try easing yourself into cutouts with dresses or tops that show a bit of shoulder or neck, small slashes can make a big impact. Alternatively, low-neckline dresses or a high-hemline split may be preferable if you’re into a sleeker look.

If you don’t want to show more flesh, then show fake. Skin color and tan dresses are coming back into fashion. Pairing it with a blazer and some color-coordinated heels will give just the right amount of daring whilst also remaining covered.

Animal Print

Animal print never stays gone for too long, and it’s back in 2022 fashion trends with a passion. When done right, animal print can work with anything in your wardrobe and instantly elevate your look.

Think scrunched tops, miniskirts, bags, and boots. Tiger print has always been a great way to add some pattern to toned-down looks, but snake print has also seen a resurgence in popularity.

Any one of these options will pull your look together, you could even take inspiration from Y2K and pair animal print with low-rise jeans or a cute tee for a real look.


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