Foreskin Restoration – Finally, Relief for the Circumcised Guy

Foreskin Restoration - Finally, Relief for the Circumcised Guy
Foreskin Restoration - Finally, Relief for the Circumcised Guy

The World Health Organization (WHO) states sexual health is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality. They classify the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, free of coercion, discrimination and violence as a human right. Some circumcised men feel that their rights were violated and taken away. If you are one of those guys who were circumcised during childhood due to uninformed parental decisions, then you as an adult can get it back  with foreskin restoration.

To learn about foreskin restoration, read on!

What is Foreskin Restoration?

The foreskin restoration is a process to regrow the foreskin, so it looks the same as an uncircumcised penis. The trend started thousands of years ago, surely soon after circumcision started.  Jewish men living in ancient Greece would use various methods to stretch their skin so they would fit in with the Greeks, especially during athletic competitions. Now with advanced restoration devices, it is easy to get the skin back on your glans of the penis. There are several non surgical restoration procedures for skin stretching using devices with weights or air inflation you can do yourself.  These devices work on the medical principal of skin expansion.

Why Do People Opt for Foreskin Restoration?

Foreskin restoration returns the intact body a man is supposed to have. Some more reasons why guys choose restoration are as follows:

  1.     It creates a significant amount of sliding skin that feel amazing. This skin is like an accordion.  It scrunches up on the inward thrust, and stretched out during withdrawal, with nerves endings getting extra stimulation during each cycle. When flaccid, the foreskin covers the penis head known as glans like an eyelid. This allows the head to stay moist and more sensitive to the touch.
  2.     You will get emotional satisfaction from the cosmetic appearance of being an intact man. Since circumcision occurs at an early age, many men resent this life altering decision that was forced on them. 
  3.     You can enhance the girth of your penis because the extra restored skin adds thickness. A circumcised penis tends to get slightly thinner when erect because the shaft skin gets stretched out. 
  4.     A circumcised penis can have excessive scarring or an uneven tone to the shaft skin. Restoration can reduce the circumcision scar line. Furthermore when flaccid, the remaining scar line will be folded over and covered. 

How Can You Restore Your Foreskin?

There are several ways to restore the foreskin of the penis. The proven way is with easy restoration methods you can do at home.  It’s simply just stretching the skin in order to stimulate it to grow. You just use a device that uses tape or silicone rubber grippers to stretch the remnants of your foreskin. Fortunately for us skin does respond and grow to tension. It’s medically proven. Doctors call it skin expansion.

How Do You Get Started?

Starting the restoring procedure is easy. Just search for foreskin restoration. There is a tremendous amount of information online. Also be sure to find your Coverage Index number, which is a value between CI-0 and CI-10. The ADI Coverage Index from Advanced Devices is a good place to start.

Final Thoughts

Foreskin Restoration may not be for everyone. It takes a sincere motivation to start, and stay committed to the process which can take several years.  Skin does grow slowly for some people. But it is steady progress to a goal. Guys that are able to complete their restoration will tell you how it’s been life changing for them. They wouldn’t ever want to go back having a bare glans and lacking sliding skin.


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