Global scrap prices


Argus global scrap prices

Argus offers comprehensive and detailed coverage of the global ferrous and non-ferrous scrap markets, with over 1,000 price assessments produced by its global network of highly qualified market experts. Argus has the particular strengths of creating methodologies appropriate to the business dynamics of a specific spot market and providing a mechanism for valuing scrap alloys. Through its extensive and exclusive price evaluations of specialized scrap materials or through the use of the Alloy Calculator (LINK), Argus provides market participants with an independent contract settlement mechanism for scrap recovery, including for more developed materials.

Ferrous scrap coverage

Argus offers a comprehensive regional view of the most active spot markets for ferrous scrap in regions around the world. Each Skrotpriser can be directly compared across multiple markets, as currency conversions and units of measure allow standardization of charts and ease of spotting favorable trading conditions. All prices, whether differentiated by FOB seller or delivered to consumers under international trade terms, are aligned with common industry specifications for that region. Browse the full list of scrap prices and specifications, including all history available on the Argus Metals platform  for grades tested.

  • Packages
  • Chatarra busheling
  • Foundry/Specialty
  • heavy cast
  • Leftovers from machine shop turning
  • Sheet metal and structural
  • shredded scrap
  • tool steel

Stainless steels and superalloys

Alloy Calculator , where the present value of any alloy can be calculated by an intrinsic value formula in the absence of sufficient liquidity to produce a proper appraisal.

Non-ferrous scrap and alloy coverage

Argus provides the full range of non-ferrous coverage, from scrap price assessments on UBC, zorba, taint, tweak and twitch products, to stock market data (LME and COMEX prices). with 30-minute delays are standard for Argus products) and global base metal premiums. Explore the full list of scrap prices in each non-ferrous metal category and visit the exchange data page to understand the unique value that Argus brings through analysis of global exchange prices.

  • aluminum prices
  • aluminum alloy prices
  • Brass/Bronze Prices
  • copper prices
  • lead prices
  • nickel prices
  • zinc prices

Alloy Calculator , which includes over 200 predefined common alloys

Exchange data

Highlights of coverage in the North American marketArgus’ coverage of the North American scrap market focuses on spot market trading patterns within the most active regional trading locations, as well as export transactions. The full value chain is represented in Argus’s set of scrap assessments, from yard collection prices to consumer delivery prices: