Good Advice When You Need Cleaning Help


What should you keep in mind when choosing cleaning assistance, what does it cost, and can you craftsman deduction? Get answers here.

If you use private cleaning help at home, or are you considering it, it has, among other things. It is very important whether you choose a VAT-registered cleaning assistant and what agreements you make for the cleaning assistant’s work and work effort.

In general, you must make an expectations survey, find out, for example, which tasks are most important, what happens in the event of illness, injuries and the like, and which objects in the home the cleaning help must be extra attentive or careful with.

What does a cleaning aid cost?

A cleaning company that pays taxes and VAT must typically have 150-450 kroner per hour. If you receive cleaning assistance one hour a week, a cleaning assistance costs DKK 13,000 annually. You can get a deduction for this with the craftsmen’s deduction. See how much you save in the box or calculate it yourself here.

Cleaning assistance price

A “black” cleaning varies a lot in price, but usually costs less than a legal cleaning, in some cases approx. half of a “white” cleaning. According to the Rockwool Foundation’s study, illegal cleaning costs DKK 110 and a legal cleaning costs approx. 170 kr per hour.

But it does not pay to have the “black” done – a “black” cleaning has significant disadvantages – primarily that it is illegal to use black labor. If you pay DKK 150 per hour for a black cleaning aid one hour a week, it costs DKK 7,800 annually.

Remember to report your craftsman deduction. The bill must be paid digitally no later than two months after the New Year and the deduction reported later in the year, typically 1 September.

Should you choose “black” or “white” cleaning?

There are several disadvantages to choosing the “black” cleaning where the person does not pay VAT or tax on the work:

  • It is illegal to use undeclared labor.
  • Black cleaning can be an expensive affair. If, for example, the Ming vase or the television is broken or the heirloom jewelry is stolen, you must pay.
  • The “black” rengøringshjælp does not necessarily have any experience. This can have consequences for both quality and time consumption.
  • The cleaning aid can slip off if necessary agreements, which may have financial and practical consequences.

What are the benefits of choosing “white” cleaning?

  • Often the cleaning company itself will ask what in the home means extra to you. If you are not asked about it, you as a customer should say what needs special care.
  • If you want to protect yourself against not having to pay yourself if something breaks or disappears, it is crucial that the company is insured and registered with Skat, because then the insurance covers damage to the home that occurred during the cleaning.
  • As a customer, you are usually guaranteed a replacement during holidays and illness.
  • Most often, you are guaranteed that the employee has a clean criminal record.
  • The cleaning staff has experience in measuring the task and assessing the scope of the task.
  • As long as the artisan deduction exists, you can use it for cleaning in the home.