Grand Theft Auto Protagonists – Ranking From The Worst To The Best

Grand Theft Auto Protagonists - Ranking From The Worst To The Best
Grand Theft Auto Protagonists - Ranking From The Worst To The Best

When talking about a GTA game, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

The flourishing open-world sequence? The buttery-smooth gameplay? The interactive world surrounding your character? Or, the excellent storyline of the games?

Well, if you ask me, I’m more concerned about the characters I’m playing. That’s right. In my opinion, the protagonists of the GTA series are something that we can relate to.

Yeah, maybe not the killing and gang-related stuff – but, the issues they deal with in their life and so on. So, in this article, I’ll open up a little about the characters of the GTA series I love and hate the most. Hopefully, you’ll love my selection!

Top 5 GTA Protagonists – Ranked

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5. Claude – GTA 3

Otherwise known as the silent killer, Claude is the main protagonist of the first ever 3D GTA game published by Rockstar Games. And, the most noticeable thing about him?

He. Doesn’t. Talk.

He just carries out whatever task is given to him and that’s that. Nonetheless, if you play the game, you’ll see why I have put Claude in the 5th rank.

Unlike any other GTA protagonist, Claude experiences betrayal from Catalina, his girlfriend. Heck, he almost dies at the beginning of the game. But, he gets back from the dead.

… And, becomes the most notorious criminal Liberty City has ever seen!

4. Franklin – GTA V.

Although GTA V has three different main characters, Franklin is the only one that offers the vibe of being the true protagonist. However, I feel like Rockstar couldn’t use the potential he had at all. Now, don’t get me wrong, though.

He certainly has much more “personality” than someone like Claude. I mean, he can talk with people, has a lot of empathy, and so on. He’s also quite smart. Nonetheless, he doesn’t have the charm to woo the player base. And, that’s precisely where someone else beats him.

3. Trevor Phillips – GTA V.

Amongst the three primary characters of GTA V, Trevor gets the least amount of screen time on-screen. But, he makes the most out of it, thanks to his “charismatic” character.

The thing that makes me love Trevor is that he has no boundary. He does whatever he wants to do – simply because he can. He’s certainly quite violent. However, it’s all due to the issues he’s had to deal with – from having an abusive mother to getting betrayed by a friend.

So, um… he’s not really the kind of friend you’ll want to meet with your parents. But, Trevor is definitely something who seems quite a lot of fun to hang out with. Just sayin’.

2. Carl CJ Johnson – GTA: San Andreas.

Truth be told, CJ is not the most intelligent one of the bunch. In fact, I have always found him to be quite naive and inexperienced in some circumstances. 

However, as a character, he’s near-perfect from every aspect.

To begin with, CJ is funny. And, his usual interactions with his gang and others will say a lot in this matter. He’s quite empathetic as well, as long as you’re not messing with him.

And, he’s one of the rare protagonists who end up getting a good ending by taking his gang to the top again. He defeats everyone who betrayed his family too.

1. Niko Bellic – GTA 4.

I honestly love each and everyone from this list. However, if I had to choose someone who’s the best of the best – Niko Bellic would always top my list.


Well, to begin with, he has quite a sad and depressing backstory going on with him. He was a participant of the Yugoslav war and got betrayed by a fellow soldier.

This, in turn, resulted in the death of 15 people who he personally knew.

So, once the war is done and dusted, we find an emotionally-unstable Niko to be traveling to the USA to have a stable job. However, again, he sees his brother getting killed here.

He ends up getting his revenge, though. So, it’s not an absolute failure on his part. However, he loses quite a lot of people during the journey. And, that’s what shapes him up to be ideal!

Wrapping It Up!

So, there you go.

Do you think my list was good enough for you? Or, would you like to add someone here? In that case, please don’t forget to comment below.

I’ll include them here the next time I update my list.


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