Here Lies Wordle: Full Answer List (NYT Update)

Here Lies Wordle: Full Answer List (NYT Update)
Here Lies Wordle: Full Answer List (NYT Update)


Wordle, the easy-to-play, hard-to-master word game that’s all over social media, has a few secrets:

One: Wordle will end on October 20 2027. On that day, the remaining players will try to guess the very last word of the game’s 2,315 five-letter wordlist.

Two: All 2,315 words are stored right in your browser when you play a game. When you connect to the site, you download a nifty script that figures out what day it is on your device and shows you the correct puzzle. The script stores all the allowed words you can guess plus the answer to every puzzle, past, present, and future.

So if you’re the kind of person who skips to the end of the book to see what happens, reads all the movie spoilers, and generally hates waiting, you’ll like this: here’s every possible solution to Wordle for the next 2,100 days or so.

What can I do with this?

  • Relive past accomplishments
  • Make people think you have psychic powers
  • Finally beat Sue in Accounting
  • Send coded messages
  • Anticipate Twitter drama (February has a really hard word)

Spoilers ahead. Use wisely — with great power comes great responsibility.

Update: New York Times version

The game moved to the New York Times on February 10 2022. Six words deemed ‘obscure’, ‘offensive’, or ‘insensitive’ were removed from the original solution list set by Josh Wardle.

On November 7 2022, the NYT stopped following the original order of words. Puzzle editor Tracy Bennett will be in charge of selecting words that are ‘fun, accessible, lively and varied’.

While this means you can no longer predict what the word will be three years down the line, NYT currently sets answers about one month ahead.

Wordle Full Historical and Future Word List

This word list is intended to be an accurate account of every Wordle puzzle, taking into account all NYT changes. For the Wordle historians, deviations from the original order have been annotated. Spoilers up to February 2023 included. The original word list follows.


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