Here’s Why Investing In Gold Coins Is A Safe Bet For Beginners

Here's Why Investing In Gold Coins Is A Safe Bet For Beginners
Here's Why Investing In Gold Coins Is A Safe Bet For Beginners

In Indian culture, gold has long held a unique place in people’s hearts. It is a significant precious metal that is said to be a representation of Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of riches, good fortune and is said to bring prosperity to both business and family life. Aside from its historical and cultural value, gold is also seen as a solid investment option, especially for people who don’t want to deal with the risks of investing in the stock market or cryptocurrencies. Since gold is a valuable and rare precious metal, and because its monetary value continues to rise over time, acquiring gold as an investment is seemingly a wise decision in the long run. There are several advantages to investing in gold, including the fact that it is a secure and consistent source of interest that does not fluctuate. Something as simple as purchasing pure gold coins in the present day can have a significant impact in the future.

Why Are Gold Coins Perfectly Suited To New Investors

If you are someone who has just started earning and would like to start investing now to get better returns in the future, and if you don’t have much knowledge about the stock market then you can start small and buy solid gold coins. Gold coins are an option that is hassle-free and they retain a significant amount of value even if you need to sell them in the future. Gold is thought to be an inflation hedge. Studies show that gold outperforms inflation and reduces risk. Many people consider gold as a monetary alternative, especially when the national currency loses value. Gold is a tangible item that tends to keep its value in the market, making gold coins an excellent investment. They are extremely risk-averse as an investment so if you’re a newbie, these are perfect for you.

Types Of Gold

There are many different sorts of gold investments. Coins, cookies, bars, and even simple jewelry are available for purchase. You have complete control over how and how much you invest. Converting or exchanging gold coins into gold jewelry is another excellent option since it is something that can be worn or kept as an investment, and it has a high resale value in the market. It is the most attractive feature of gold jewelry in that it is everlasting and may be worn several times. The benefit of buying gold coins for investment is that, unlike other tangible assets, you don’t have to worry about maintaining them to achieve the highest returns. You can simply store gold coins safely at home for many years and sell them whenever you want at the best market price. This is one of the most important advantages of investing in gold coins.

How To Check For Quality

To get the best return, always examine the purity of gold coins. Gold coin purity is assessed in Karats and Finesses. To make it more durable, it is mixed with other metals like silver and zinc. The purest variety is 24 KT, followed by 22 KT. It quantifies the proportion of gold to the total weight and is expressed as a percentage. Gold Finesse purity is 999.9 ppm.

This is a key factor when buying gold coins. Always look for the BIS mark on gold coins to confirm purity.  This almost eliminates gold fraud. A BIS signature comprises four elements.

1. [BIS] logo

2. Year of hallmarking

3. Purity mentioned in Karat or Finesse

4. Jewelry identification mark or registration number

Coming down to it, purchasing gold is not a bad decision because it not only adds to your jewelry collection, but it also contributes to your whole financial portfolio. Purchasing gold has been more accessible in recent years as a lot of jewelry brands sell gold coins along with other jewelry items. So take your time and go through a few catalogs before making your decision.