How big is your ego?



Of course, the challenge I pose to you is great, considering that one of the most successful strategies to tame the ego is to free yourself from the need to win and that, at the same time, it turns out that lawyers get paid to win cases. . Starting from this peculiarity of the lawyer’s life, it is very possible that the way out of the problem lies in changing the obsession.

What if he goes from wanting to win to becoming obsessed with ensuring the best possible defense for his client? Yes, this can be a solution: if you make a personal commitment –and by the way pass it on to the lawyers who work in your office– to ensure that you exhaust all, but really all, the possibilities of action within the framework of the ethical, fair and legal, and the sentence or the final result is unfavorable, your self-esteem will come out unscathed.

Betraying yourself was the price you had agreed beforehand that you would not be willing to pay, so nothing ended up happening that you didn’t know might happen. And you, in the midst of it all, do not feel less valuable. This is the summary of the emotional transaction that occurs within a lawyer who has a large self-esteem and a small Ego Quotes when things go the other way.

Under the magnifying glass: the leader’s ego

The ego is not always bad. What’s more, if it weren’t for the ego, the leader would always remain in the dynamics of what he knows, he would never have ambition, and the truth is that big business is accessed by ambitiously (wanting) to go beyond what is known. This annotation is essential because in order to lead a firm in the current era it is not necessary to emulate the Dalai Lama, but to understand that his priorities cannot continue to be those of the lawyer who stars in most of the parlor jokes: win the lawsuit and stay in the photo. These cannot continue to be their main objectives because, if so, they would be neglecting the essential role of the leader, which is none other than protecting (beyond guiding, even) the people in their charge.

Therefore, the leader’s ego is kept in a healthy balance when he understands

 that his personal success is equal to or perhaps a little less important than that of the people who work in his office . Let’s make a simple account.

What do you prefer: not to be in all the business wins but to have the honor of leading a squad of fwinning lawyers?


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