How Is HHC Vape Different From ‘Regular’ Vaping?

How Is HHC Vape Different From 'Regular' Vaping?
How Is HHC Vape Different From 'Regular' Vaping?

Vaping has been a trend for quite a while. It is the process of smoking using e-cigarettes or vape pens. But what is an e-cigarette? No, it isn’t a fancy name for a cigarette. It is a device that people use to smoke vapor. The device has a coil and liquid inside it, and this coil heats when one switches on the device. The coil heats the liquid, eventually leading the fluid to become vapor. What fire does to the tobacco inside a regular cigarette is the same as the ‘coil’ does to the liquid inside a vape pen.

And what do the statistics on vaping say? Let’s see. Estimates say, in 2022, globally, there will be 41 million e-cigarette users. Around 1 in every 20 Americans, and a third of them vape daily. Statistically, ages 15 to 17 vape more than ages 25 to 34. No wonder why experts expect global vape pen sales to reach $40 billion by 2023. Vape pens are even more accessible now, with a range of variety and flavors available in the market. One such variety is HHC, and HHC vape is a trend on the rise in the 2020s’.

What Is HHC? 

HHC is the abbreviation of Hexahydrocannabinol. It is a phytocannabinoid found as a trace component in Cannabis Sativa. One can also make the compound by hydrogenating extracts from the Cannabis plant. But what is hydrogenation? It replaces the double bond in THC with two hydrogen atoms. It is a chemical process. In 1947, Roger Adams synthesized HHC from THC (another naturally occurring Cannabis compound). Later on, scientists found the ‘compound’ naturally on the plant. It has several potential medical benefits like relieving pain, relieving anxiety, and helping with insomnia. The compound has lesser psychoactive properties than THC and thus produces more secondary intoxication but has the same medical benefits.

What Do We Know About HHC Vaping?

The cannabis industry is a developing one. Every day there are some newer and advanced methods of consuming the products. The brand makes the method so that people find it easy to use, ingest, and handle. Among the many techniques, one is smoking or vaping cannabis products. One such vaping technique is HHC vape, which is gaining popularity immensely. This vaping involves using HHC vape carts which are ceramic devices. Brands make these devices using hemp that absorbs high-viscosity cannabinoids. One must choose these vape carts wisely as many companies are trying to sell these both in the online and offline marketplaces.

Comparing HHC Vape And Normal Vape

HHC vape and regular vape have a couple of differences in them. Firstly, Normal vaping involves nicotine. Regular vaping involves 0.3 to 6% of nicotine, while HHC vaping is free of nicotine. Nicotine negatively affects our health by making us addicted to the product containing nicotine. It raises the heart rate, increases mood swings, and disturbs sleep.

Secondly, HHC has potential medical benefits to it, while regular vaping has none of that. Vaping the compound may relieve pain, bust stress, and depression, help sleep, and relax the mind.

Thirdly, due to the presence of nicotine, it isn’t seen much that people doing HHC vaping have become addicted to it. Normal vaping and smoking cigarettes lead to addiction. So, these are the three points on which one can differentiate between vaping a Cannabis compound and normal vaping with higher nicotine content.

The Potential Medical Benefits Of HHC Vaping

According to people worldwide, vaping the compound has several potential health benefits. We will discuss three of the most important ones with you.

  • It might relieve pain.

The endocannabinoid system or the ECS of our body helps in the process of relieving pain. The Cannabis compounds stimulate the CB receptors of the system, thus reducing pain and inflammation. Besides relieving pain, the ‘compound’ stimulates the system to make one euphoric, relaxed, and focused.

  • It might make you feel euphoric.

Every cannabis product causes a little too intense intoxication of the human mind. The ‘feel-good’ factor that gradually arises due to the intoxication of one’s mind is called euphoria in modern English. The feeling alters the mood, headspace, and cognition and sometimes increases energy and productivity. The level of euphoria is different for different people and depends on the amount of compound ingested and how often one uses it.

  • It might provide a night of good sleep.

One can only sleep well with a clear mind, and this cannabis compound helps achieve that. Besides busting stress, anxiety, and depression, HHC vape might help provide a person with a night of good sleep. It may help people fight insomnia, a sleep disorder primarily due to stress. HHC vape may help with insomnia by relaxing the mind, fighting against stress, and increasing productivity.

Is HHC Legal?

Being a cannabis-driven product, the legality of HHC has complications. On a Federal level, HHC is legal because it is hemp-driven, and the 2018 Farm Bill allows the cultivation and marketing of hemp-driven products that contain less than 0.3% of THC in them. However, as HHC vaping is a relatively newer trend than most other Cannabis products, state laws aren’t known entirely still. Most likely, the states like Alaska, Alabama, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, and many other states have legal issues with the compound. Therefore, one must check local and state laws before buying such products.

Final Thoughts

Although HHC is legally available in many states in the US, one must know about its possible side effects. These effects include increased anxiety, paranoia, sleep disturbances, reduced blood pressure, increased heart rate, changed appetite, and red eyes. The medical benefits aren’t well-proven, and it requires a lot of research work to come to a positive conclusion. Until many clinical trials prove the positiveness of HHC, one must use it at their own risk. However, there is no harm in trying the product because many people try it, find it helpful, and become regular users. Vaping is still a growing culture, and the cannabis industry is still trying to penetrate the global market. Still, it is already a big hit in many countries, including the United States of America. The trend will only get bigger in other countries globally, making it an attractive alternative for chain smokers.


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