How Long Will You Carry Those Rocks? A Guide to Mental Health



Humans tend to pick up things they think they need to carry – it can be anything from a side comment from a colleague or an awful interaction with a family member to an unavoidable decision on the farm.

“When we have something that emotionally stung, we tend to pick it up and carry it with us. I call those rocks,” Athena Diesch-Chham, a clinical social worker and owner of Restorative Path Counseling and Wellbeing explains. “All of a sudden, those rocks get pretty heavy.”

Everyone has a choice about how long they are going to carry around those rocks, she says.about:blank

“There is some power in acknowledging that this happened, that it impacted me, that I am potentially changed by what has happened in a situation,” she says. “But also, I can leave it here and I don’t have to carry it with me.”

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