How much an MBA costs at South Africa’s top business schools right now

How much an MBA costs at South Africa’s top business schools right now
How much an MBA costs at South Africa’s top business schools right now

Despite global pandemics and economic and political uncertainties, the demand for MBAs continues to grow among business professionals.

The MBA can provide the qualifications required of aspiring professionals to accelerate your career growth and profit potential.

According to the Regent Business School, the MBA is the world’s most famous and recognized management education qualification. “This has become one of the most sought after qualifications in the business world today and is a prerequisite for the success of most senior management and career development,” the report said.

The latest Financial Times Executive Education rankings show that some South African business schools are ranked higher than business schools around the world.

The UK-based Henry Business School has a strong presence in South Africa and is ranked 18th in the overall user rankings of top executive institutions. The UCT Business School (UCT GSB) is also ranked 18th. Good score. Because of its availability.

According to the latest Financial Times rankings, UCT GSB is ranked 44th in the world and 1st in Africa for individual programs. It ranks 15th in the world in terms of growth rate and is in the top 40 in both program development and customer relationship management.

“Given the situation of the 2021 pandemic, financial difficulties and major political and social unrest in Kwazur Natal, our ability to face global competition is a phenomenal achievement,” said UCTGSB Business Development. Director Reiner Canning said. ..

“We continue to see rapid growth of new customers and a strong customer retention rate of over 75%, which is a direct result of our willingness, flexibility and customer-centric approach to work closely and collaboratively.”

BusinessTech has examined some of the country’s top educational institutions and 2022 attendance fees (in some cases, additional registration or application fees).

Business School
Tuition fees (all modules)
1University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business ScienceR376 848
2Henley Business SchoolR335 900
3University of Stellenbosch Business SchoolR293 380
4University of Cape Town Graduate School of BusinessR285 450
5IIE MSAR266 343
6Wits Business SchoolR261 100
7Milpark Business SchoolR245 150
8Johannesburg Business School (JBS)R215 000
9Rhodes Business SchoolR178 000
10University of KwaZulu-Natal Graduate School of Business and LeadershipR147 470
11UNISA Graduate School of BusinessR146 720
12Nelson Mandela University Business SchoolR108 640
13Regent Business SchoolR101 800
14MANCOSAR73 710
15NWU Business SchoolUpon request
16Tshwane School of Business and SocietyUpon request

Requirements for candidates

For the needs of prospective students, the applicant must be at least 25 years old, have a relevant 3 years of work experience, a previous bachelor’s degree, a bachelor’s degree or an advanced degree, and be fluent in English.
University of Pretoria Gordon Institute of Business (GIBS)

Tuition fee: R376,848.
Application fee: 2000 rubles (prepayment)
Deposit: R20,000
The most expensive school on this list, GIBS gives prospective students a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of business to gain the knowledge to start their own business or become a better manager.

According to the school, the GIBS MBA provides students with five focus areas: general management, entrepreneurship, consulting, manufacturing, and health.

Henry Business School

Tuition fee: R335,900.
Application fee: Not applicable
Deposit: Not applicable
Application: The next program will start on June 22.


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